Friday, February 11, 2011

An open letter to James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem...

Agreed. Holy shit....

All of those Terminal 5 shows are going to sell out.

As a sage once said, one time, in a movie about Hackers, "You are going to need more than just two media icons like us, You need an army. That's it! An electronic army! If I were us, I'd get on the internet, send out a major distress signal." (You already did)

How are you going to take care of the fuck-head scalpers?

Internet nerds of the World, Unite! They use their powers for evil. Let's use ours for good. Terminal Five is what, 3000 capacity? Let's set up a network of 150 people, checking 20 people a piece. Each show. Shit, i'll take 60. You could have 150 good, qualified volunteers in a day or two... First 3,000 to get a ticket for each show, we legitimize each ticket sale. Us 150. We'll do background checks. Everyone that wants a ticket has to write a few creative paragraphs. 100 word minimum. Do they like Brainaic? We'll do Facebook checks. Add them on Twitter....we have a little while to hammer this out...

Scalpers have no soul. We'll see right through them.

I missed MSG tickets. I didn't even try. Shit, I've still never got to see LCD Soundsystem live. I share pain with you on this. I've missed many of your shows, name it.

Don't worry so much.

We all love you. You had me at "New York, I love you.", even though i've NEVER been there. The people that love your music, your true audience, music lovers in general, we all know you're genuine. You just reiterated that quickly in front of my eyes with your open letter to the world.

Let's do it. Let's fuck them back. We're nerds. We can do anything.


John Yingling
Gonzo Chicago
Chicago, IL

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