Friday, May 13, 2011

WE DID IT!!!!! Victory party @ MUTINY - Friday 5/20 - 9PM!!!!

WE DID IT!!!!!

You guys are amazing. I am speechless. Huge thanks to Deborah Jackson and Paul Hadfield for the donation that brought it over.

12 hours left, and your donation goes directly to CHIRP Radio!

We've already raised $130 for them!!!

I have been e-mailed asking if you can still contribute, and the answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY!!! You can Paypal :, or e-mail me for arrangements. Anything would help defray the fees Indiegogo takes, shipping, etc. Thank You!


2428 North Western Ave
21+ (sorry to the underagers, it had to be that way!)

**Magic Milk**

**Tyler Jon Tyler**

**The Brothers Gross**

**Close Hits**

ENDLESS THANK YOU to everyone who donated, shared, wrote articles, and helped with this fundraiser, and the businesses in Chicago who showed their support from the beginning :

Lincoln Hall
Reggie's Live

We got some really wonderful, touching comments, amazing thoughts, and press. Thanks to A.V. Club, Chicago Reader, Vinyl District, Chicago Garage, One Kind Radio, Loud Loop Press (who had the fucking WIDGET EMBEDDED ON THE SIDE OF THEIR OWN SITE) ....and so, so many others! That helped immensely, was unexpected, and really appreciated!

I don't think there was a single corner of the internet that wasn't blanketed by this thing. Truly amazing.

Come celebrate with us Friday, May 20th! WE DID IT!!!!

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The Igloo Oven said...

I'm proud of you man! Way to bring this thing together! Can't wait to see all of the stuff you document with the upgraded tech!