Saturday, June 18, 2011

Album Review : Lechuguillas - LONG LIVE THE CHUPACABRA

I woke up with this cd in bed with me. They literally threw them at us after their set. It can't be very good, then, can it?

I hope this doesn't suck. What is this, 1994? What the fuck...ok, whatever. here we go.

Track 1 - HOLY SHIT these bass lines make me want to fuck something up! it's so loud! like i'm being given ice cream and being jerked off at the same time! ohhh god the guitar isn't stopping! it just keeps going! scream for a purpose! kill your family!

Track 2 - WHAT THE FUCK this shit is even faster! jesus. aneurism! aneurism! oh my god it's only noon! what have i been doing with my life! damn this is good, who cares. i guess i could shotgun this beer.

Track 3- DAMN. my roomate woke up! he shotgunned a beer and he's throwing shit everywhere! He can't handle it! Broken glass everywhere! Lechuguillas....what have you done? We're headbanging like stupid 13 year old metal kids at a Puddle of Mudd show!

Track 4 - I JUST punched my roomate in the face! we shotgunned more beers! we accidentally hit the repeat button so we listened to this one 5 times because we're too busy blowing shit up with m80s! the neighbors came over and complained, so we punched them in the face, too!

Track 5 - MY ROOMATE IS CRYING! sludgy metal type shit! chug chug! we just burned our plants! this is amazing! the noise and smoke give the morning a nice smell! people are concerned and gathering outside! oh my god....they're nodding their heads! one of them has backpack beers!

Track 6 - THEY'RE GETTING WASTED and beating up by-passers! They want me to play it again! I can't turn it up any louder! My roomate went downstairs....wha......HE'S MAKING OUT WITH A GIRL!


Thanks, Lechuguillas!

Listen to it loud.

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