Saturday, April 9, 2011

CHIRP Record Fair starts TODAY!!!

Holy Moly! CHIRP RECORD FAIR starts today!!!

Get out there, scrounge for some amazing deals, and help support one of the best non-profits in the city!!!!

"Alright, folks! Get ready for some awesome! The CHIRP Record Fair & Other Delights is this weekend, Saturday April 9th and Sunday April10th, 2011 from 10am-5pm both days. The admission is $7/or $5 with any ad that mentions the record fair. (Note the handy link to the right where you can download a flyer!)There is a special pre-admission on Saturday, April 9, 2011 from 8am-10am. It is $25 and gets you reentry all weekend long!

There is a ton of free parking and it is easily accessible by public transportation. There is a cash station across the street for your easy cash needs!

The fair is located at Chicago Journeymen Plumbers at 1340 West Washington Boulevard. Be there! This all benefits CHIRP Radio and your record collections."

8am – 10am DJ set: CHIRP DJs
10am – 11am Dealer DJ set
11am – 12pm Darling
12pm – 1pm Village
1pm – 2pm Soul Summit DJs
2pm – 3pm Leafbird
3pm – 4pm Ami Saraiya & the Outcome
4pm – 5pm Numero Ebirac Salsa DJ set

10am – 11am Dealer DJ set
11am – 12pm Dealer DJ set
12pm – 1pm DJ set: Pyschedalex & Constantine
1pm – 1:30pm Blue Ribbon Glee Club
1:30pm – 2pm DJ set: Matt Holland (Vacations, Love of Everything)
2pm – 2:45pm Julie Meckler
2:45pm – 3:15pm Daniel Knox
3:15pm – 4pm Black Bear Combo
4pm – 5pm Mary Nisi’s “Picks from the Fair”


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