Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photos : Gonzo Chicago Benefit : PPPMMM/SNACKS/LECHUGUILLAS

Thanks to everyone who came out to Record Breakers. It didn't really do a whole lot for the end goal ($80 which will go in tonight on top of a donation from Brian Jarreau), but the support, the kind words, and the fact that it even happened was humbling beyond any dollar amount you could throw out there. Huge thanks to the bands and people who donated their time to help. As you can see, it was a blast. It really meant a lot to me to have my friends there, playing music with a fire under their asses, for a fundraiser that has really shown me just how great Chicago's community really is. Humbling. Brian Jarreau took all of these lovely photos. Thank you!


Huge thanks to the donors of the last few days, and the lovely write-ups and love we've received from all over.

The Onion's A.V. Club : "Videographer John Yingling started Gonzo Chicago with a simple mission: to bring fans closer to their favorite bands with in-depth pics, videos, and interviews. Since the inception of Gonzo, Yingling’s videotaped more than 500 shows, creating a virtual archive of modern Chicago rock. Whether it’s a local shlub strumming an acoustic guitar at a sandwich joint or indie superstars Handsome Furs, Gonzo wants the skinny."

I answered some questions for The Vinyl District : : "As you hopefully already know, Chicago has been blessed with one the most active and exciting independent music scenes in the world. John Yingling, the man behind Gonzo Chicago, has taken it upon himself to document our vibrant scene, filming nearly 500 performances over the last four years. Recently, John decided to kick it up a notch, taking to indie fund raising site IndieGoGo, in an effort to raise to funds to replace and upgrade broken and outdated equipment, which will help him better capture the scene he (and we) love so much..."

Lovely donors of the past few days :

Jamie Baird
Josh Reed
Andrew O'Connor (who gets a custom short film of a band of his choosing made in the summer!)


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The Igloo Oven said...

Man wish I could've made the benefit show. Glad to hear you're rockin' and rollin. Can't wait to hear about your travels with Tyler Jon Tyler and the east coast. Drink some Yuengling beer.