Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photos : Black Lips/Vivian Girls , Benefit show is TONIGHT at RECORD BREAKERS!!!!

We got in Gossip Wolf, and the amazing Keith Herzik from Chicago drew this up!

Flyer by Alejandro Morales!

Black Lips + Vivian Girls hit Logan Square Auditorium last night. I don't get the hate for Vivian Girls new record. It sounds good. It's a little more fresh than the other stuff they've put out. They sing more clearly, with a bit more purpose. It seems in some people's eyes they're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Black Lips were good. They're always consistently entertaining. It got a little crazy toward the end. Some girl got a foot...stuck in her hair....right before Bad Kids. All of these kids were trying to pull this lodged foot out, and when that song started, I thought something really terrible was going to happen with that whole situation, as everyone went crazy as they always do. I hope she's alright.

Security got on stage, and didn't leave. Black Lips should play some 21+ shows around Chicago here and there. Tween drama.

The benefit show is TONIGHT!!!!

Music starts at 8PM. CHIRP will be there from 7-9 handing out swag! Show is done by 11pm! NO PUNK ROCK TIME! Come early. Drink. Eat. Have fun!!!


HUGE thank you to the donors of the last few days, we're SO close to $2,000!

Victor Spatafora (who will have mopery DVD's tonight!)
Katie Patterson
Andrew Hertzberg
Anonymous donors!

See you tonight!


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