Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DAY TWO Donors...updates...and things I'm working on...

I'd really like to say thank you. We have raised over $400 in TWO DAYS, gotten countless e-mails, love letters, hugs, and reposts from all across the land.

It means the WORLD to me you're choosing to spend your time with me, and you definitely will not be disappointed with the results.

One Kind Radio put up an article. I knew that photo would come back to haunt me :


"Having covered local music from Chicago for over 20 years with One Kind Radio and know how hard it was to cover a handful of shows a month for the site…. I have yet to find a person more dedicated to covering the Chicago music scene than John Yingling. John tirelessly attends hundreds of shows and captures these events for all of us to enjoy when we can’t make it on out.

With this being said… John needs help to keep to continue to document this world-class independent music scene right here in Chicago!!

How can you help out? Make a donation… whether it be $10 or $1000.00… every dollar will help John be able to get the gear needed to capture this amazing music scene the right way.

Go HERE and show your support!!!

Such kind words! I really, really appreciate it.

Remember when PISS PISS PISS MOAN MOAN MOAN destroyed the Chicago avenue house a little while ago? Well, i'm trying to set up a benefit show with them, and a few others bands, for next weekend...either the 22nd or 23rd.

Working hard trying to nail a venue down, right now.

I will keep you all updated every step of the way.

Thank you, again.

- John Yingling

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