Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pitchfork 2010 weekend : A live review of sorts.....

I would say, aside from Pavement, the most thrilling aspects of this weekend were the aftershows.

Titus Andronicus played an insanely hot, wild set at Subterranean.

Lightning Bolt played Bitchpork under the name of "Turd Thrower" Saturday night.

Bitchpork consisted of a multi-level warehouse with bands playing everywhere. Ice cream trucks, weird lights, outdoor patios with acoustic-laden shirtless men screaming lyrics...

By sunday night, when Malkmus uttered the words "Times New Viking", I knew where they were playing, but as much of a show junkie as I am, my body would not physically allow me to go.

Here's a mash-up of almost everything i got my calloused, bruis-laden little hands on this weekend. Enjoy :

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Walkmen - Live @ Schubas, 2009...

The Walkmen played one of the most thrilling shows i've ever been to in my 10+ years of attending them.

Most of the time was spent with my mouth agape, praying my camera didn't run out of battery, or room.

White Rabbits opened, which sweetened the already overly sweet pot of seeing both of these bands at one of the smallest, most respected clubs in Chicago.

These are the first two songs...

Modest Mouse - Live @ Summerfest 2010 - This Devil's Workday

Modest Mouse lit up Summerfest 2010 with a slew of old and new.

This is, "This Devil's Workday"


Fiery Furnaces - Live @ Empty Bottle

trouble trouble worry, bitches :