Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 of our favorite photos we took in 2012.

2012 was intense.  A heavy year for Chicago, and many other places.  The windy city saw two of it's best DIY spaces shut their doors, others open, and the cycle continues.  We are a resilient bunch.  Bands we loved last year continued to grow and prove that the Chicago underground is still alive and will remain so.  As we type this from Missoula, Montana, this article by Kate Whittle, our new friend in the northwest, hits close to home.  We can already see the sprouts being planted for 2013.  We're eager to return to our windy city we call home in the summer, but there's work to be done here.  There's a lot up our sleeve for the new year, and we couldn't be more excited.  Missoula has a lot in common with Chicago, and it's been amazing to document, explore, and dig into.

Chicago was on fire when we left, and we hope you're taking advantage of it.  Get into the basement.  Even though we're out of town, we're keeping a watchful eye on it all, so watch our social media for the more gnarly shows you should attend in 2013.  Acts like The Funs, Heavy Times, Toupee, The Hecks, ONO, countless others playing their hearts to dust in cramped basements and dark spaces.  We'll have another year in review for 2012 in January.  Footage of the Sonic Coalition.  There's a ton of great things coming soon.  While you wait, here are 10 of our favorite moments we captured as the year flew by.  Thanks for the kind words and support.  It means a lot.  Onward!  

april camlin and glucuous
April Camlin, with her alter ego, Glucuous. Mortville. Part of a benefit for C.A.K.E.

Brain Frame
A "Brain Frame" production.  The amazing Lyra Hill holding the hand of Tyson Tortensen.

Columba Fasciata at the final "Enemy" show.

Ian Williams, before Battles played Bottom Lounge.


Kevin J. Frank, Jay Ryan and crew channel Fugazi as a performance labeled "Instrument".  This was during the spectacular yearly PRF BBQ.

ONO.  Permanent Records.  Record Store Day 2012.

Impossible basement crowdsurfing at Situations.  The first ever "Chicago Sonic Coalition".   More info 

Running.  Record Store Day 2012.  Take 10 minutes and listen to the audio equivalent of getting away with murder.

Snacks : the best party you probably never went to.  Like Running, this is true punk rock in 2012.  Their drummer (who also hits things for an equally impressive band that shares members called Close Hits) is currently in school in another state, but when he comes back, this happens.  Keep an eye out.

thee oh sees
Thee Oh Sees in our new temporary residence, Missoula, Montana.  This is a DIY-minded arts and clothing collective called "Zoo City Apparel".  Stay tuned.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Watch : Reggie Watts live at The Badlander. Missoula, MT.


This town continues to amaze us.  Reggie Watts grew up in Montana, so naturally, he had a lot to say at The Badlander in Missoula on a cold December night.  The Badlander "complex" is part of a multi-venue space nestled downtown.  The Badlander as a venue reminds me of a western Empty Bottle, whereas the basement space, The Palace, has vibes of the Cake Shop in NYC.  There's also a pretty great bar and casino attached under the name Golden Rose.  Having spent a little time in each in a few short months, I'm sure there's hundreds of stories for each room.  I even have a few myself.  Reggie continues to prove that he's one of the most well-rounded acts around.  Blending music and comedy in a performance is something so many others try and fail to do well.  He nails it.  Chris Fairbanks, another hilarious Montana native, and "the only other working Montana comic", opened.  Thanks to The Badlander for hosting.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Watch : Football (the band)

Football is, for now, a great-american rock n' roll past-time from the likes of Jered Gummere, R. Srini, Jim Hollywood, and Mike Lust.  A big squishy mess of local good guys.  A few of them just moved to Milwaukee for some reason.  They've been in the Ponys, Baseball Furies, Hot Machines.  Ridiculously solid noise and hooks, with the energy of a bunch of 16 years olds.  Catch them the next time they play, as Chicago Reader put it, they're indeed the "best band that could self-destruct at any moment".

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Watch : Doomsday Student - "World Without Teeth"

You know who these men are. They have been other men. 

Who they were before does not matter. What matters most is who they are now. 

These men, with two menacing guitars, violent drums, and persuasive words will control your thoughts. They will build bunkers out of your bones. They will make weapons out of your teeth. They will drink your tears and feed on your meat. 

They will.

Filmed at Empty Bottle.

European tour is wrapping up.  Check the dates.  Enjoy.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watch : Thee Oh Sees in Missoula, Montana.

Missoula's beauty is impossible to avoid.  It's essentially nestled in between a gigantic mountain range, and the whole downtown is in their shadows.  When we first told people we were visiting, a good lot of great folks in Chicago had a lot of positive things to say.  Alex White told us to go to Ear Candy Records.  Many told us of good spots to eat, venues to hit up, and people to meet.  For that we're grateful.  After the visit in August, for many reasons, we decided to move here for the winter, and return to Chicago in spring.  More on that later.

Sadly, a great DIY spot called The Lab shut down just before we jumped ship over here for the winter.  We missed Total Fest by mere weeks.  However, what we did realize upon arrival, is that many here share the same ideals as those in Chicago, and everywhere in the world.  They love playing music, creating, and helping each other make a good environment people feel comfortable in.  It's nice to be back in a state where the "shake a day" is considered normal.  The music scene here is surprisingly strong.  

Regardless, we'll get more into that as we keep digging into this scene.  So far, we've tagged along on a roadtrip to a show with bands like The Magpies and Skin Flowers.  Shot a birthday party for local radio station KBGA, and filmed touring and locals alike.  There's some great things going on here, and the vibe is unlike anywhere else we've ever been.

To kick things off, here's a wild set by Thee Oh Sees.  Dwyer talked with us a little about the Coachwhips reunion happening soon.  It was a great show that reminded us of the rowdiness of the city we left.  Missoula can get down when they want to, and I'm sure as people try to shed the grasp of a bitter winter, we'll dig a little deeper down into what people are really all about here.  This was filmed at a local clothing and arts collective called Zoo City Apparel.  ZCA is ran by some great folks a few of you may know, and it's ran like a DIY venue, because that's essentially what it is.  Entry is cheap.  You bring your own beer.  It's refreshing to see kids turning out for most of the shows.

So, this is the first of many videos we'll be posting of our new environment.  Chicago will still be a main focus on this blog until our return in the summer, as we have a ton of unposted footage and things we're working on.  We'd definitely suggest you follow the Facebook and Twitter for some juicier, hyper-local bits, but we've never been big on "upcoming show" posts or news you can find 800 other places.  Thanks to Thee Oh Sees, ZCA, and Missoula in general for such a warm welcome.   Enjoy. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watch : Pile's Rick Maguire sing us a few songs solo after a set at Swerp Mansion.

Pile is a band from Boston.  We originally heard about them when a buddy from Milwaukee wouldn't stop raving about their record "Magic Isn't Real", and they just so happened to be playing Casa Donde the next night, so we went to check it out.  As you can see in that video, they're great live.  Pile used to be just Rick Maguire, playing the songs he has written.  He's since recruited a stellar team of hard hitting cohorts that are really something to see live.  He was nice enough to play us a few songs solo after a show we set up at Swerp Mansion.  We'd suggest you catch Pile when they come through your town.  They're spectacular.  Rick is joined by Fax Holiday's Erick Schermerhorn, and the songs include "Haunt", "The Moon", and more.  Enjoy!  

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UH BONES : Live at Swerp Mansion

Chicago continues to pump out killer newer bands happy to give a nod to old classics, or in some cases, tear up new alleyways.  While Uh Bones aren't re-inventing the wheel, they're certainly putting a good spin on it, and garnering themselves good enough press in the meantime..  Just recently adding The Yolks' Nathan Johnson on keys certainly should add some good layers to all of this.  Folks from Get Bent and Sex Beat have stated "Chicago, your secret is out" and "you ought to have a new favorite band."

Killer bands like Lechuguillas, Running, Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan have and will continue to blow your eardrums for months, or even years with little to no attention outside a core group of kids getting their minds blown comfortable in dark spaces.  Some of these acts lay waste to basements and houses for years, stoked to just be able to play for kids who love it and want to be there.  They break up at their most potent.  It's what our favorite moments, and this website, has tried to cautiously purvey over the years.  They want to play, for you.  Shit, you want a tape?  Take it.  Want a shirt?  How much do you have?  Uh Bones are no exception.  A welcome addition to Chicago's roster of fuzzy rock n' roll, they're great, and just warming up.  This was a show we recently hosted in 2012 at Swerp Mansion that included newly formed Massive Ego, New Diet, and Boston's PILE.  One of the many bands with a song on that killer Manic Static compilation.  Underrated, for now.  Enjoy.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bellini - Live in Chicago - 2012

Bellini is a band "from Catania, SicilyDallas, Texas & New York City, New York."  They were in town to record their newest LP with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, so they played two shows at Quenchers.  Opening each show were a wide array of friends including Coffin Pricks, Ifihadahifi, and Fake Limbs.  Technical difficulties of night one aside, we thought it was still a damn fine show. 

Some info from their site Snowing Sun : "Bellini is a rhythmic, tight, beautifully aggressive quartet consisting of Agostino Tilotta, his wife Giovanna Cacciola (both also of Italy's famed Uzeda), bassist Matthew Taylor (the Romulans) and drummer Alexis Fleisig (Girls Against Boys).  Though retaining some of the basic elements of their former selves, Bellini are more focused, more structured and more rhythmic than ever before.  They embody the true spirit of perseverance and punk rock, making uncompromising, honest music strictly for the brutal love of it."

Damn straight.  Look for that new record soon.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Watch : Heavy Times - "Lantern Trail"

We could talk all day about how good Heavy Times are. I think you should just watch this new jammer called "Lantern Trail". It's the flip-side to the new "K-9" 7" in Windian's subscription series. You should be able to buy it without the subscription in the next few days. Soon to take over the world. In fact, they're playing a show with Guided By Voices right now.  This was filmed at Roxaboxen.  Buy stuff from HoZac, while yer at it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Watch : New :: Magic Milk - "Girls"

Magic Milk - "Girls" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.
Remember when we said we really hope new drummer Maggie sticks around?  Well, she has.  The smiliest drummer on the planet, her pounding adds a good lot to this new song with some slick bass and good yelps.  Instead of popping off confetti and jumping into the crowd, a fierce but subdued Magic Milk ooze out this new jam with steady patience and a swift hand.  It works!  It rules!  Magic Milk!  Girls!  A combination for the ages.  Filmed at the Burlington in 2012.   You can listen to an even fuzzier recorded version here.  Enjoy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We're heading west for the winter....what does it mean for this space?

Dear heathen followers,

We're heading west for the winter, to Missoula, Montana, and will be back in spring.  What does it mean for this blog?  Surprisingly, not much.  We have so much back-footage, we're actually pretty stoked to dig through it and give you some deep cuts of Chicago past that we haven't been able to get to.

Sure, some of the hyper-local aspects will be lost, but we hope you'll follow us on this journey west to document Missoula, Portland, and it's surrounding areas.  We've been connected to some really solid folks out there.  Thee Oh Sees are playing with Sic Alps in early October.  If you're a touring band heading out that way, hit us up and we'll try and set you up with a show.   As a courtesy,  the Facebook and Twitter accounts will remain local, and up to date about the best shows you SHOULD be going to.   Follow them.

Regardless, Chicago is our home, and we will return around April, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.  Upon coming back, we should be in a position to have every aspect of this site be stronger, faster, better.  Like that one movie!

When we return to Chicago, we plan on launching an absolutely staggering, bonkers project we've been tinkering with for quite some time.  You can also expect a banger of a return show.

I'd like to thank you again for your support over the years.  This is not the end.  Be on the lookout for a ton of killer Chicago footage that's previously unreleased, with a few "Gonzo West" post peppered in, and a peek into a different scene for a brief period.  As always, if you have something you'd like to say :

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Watch : SHINER reunite at Bottom Lounge.

SHINER - Reunion : Bottom Lounge. from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Shiner.  Uttering the name can bring a sparkle to eyes of even the most jaded old music fan.  Often times, it's followed by a conversation about how they were the best band too few seemed to notice in their prime.  Their final two reunions shows were held in Chicago.  In a flurry of reunions as of late, this one stuck hard.  The most hard-to-impress folks I know were raving about it.  It really was something to behold.  I was lucky enough to be back-stage as they went on and finished night two.  I hugged a very sweaty Gerkin, caring not for myself getting drenched in the process, and told him it meant a lot to finally see them play those songs.  It really did.  Finish this joke for us : I haven't seen that many old dudes freaking out since...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Watch : Mannequin Men's "Farewell Show"

Mannequin Men : The Farewell Show. from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

I'll spare you a mushy backstory and keep it simple.  Mannequin Men have been a Chicago staple for almost a decade.  They rounded up their favorite bands like Football and Outer Minds, both spectacular in their own right, to send bassist Miles Raymer off to NYC.  While I have a hard time believing this is the end of the band entirely, those who missed this probably won't be seeing anything soon.  A stellar send-off, and the closing of a chapter in Chicago music.  Enjoy!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Watch : Dope Body play a new song at the Dustbowl

Dope Body played "The Dustbowl" in Chicago.  It was so dark I turned on the video light for the first time in a year.   I guess this place is closing soon, too, so I've heard.  A shame.  Some really great shows in this place have gone down.  I don't know what's happening, but I'm convinced some good spots will fill the void left by Mortville, Ball Hall, and any others that inevitably come and go.  We're a resourceful bunch, and always have been.  A sweaty show that included Heavy Times, Nude Sunrise, and The Funs.

Heavy Times played a bunch of stuff they don't normally play.  It was a short set.  A little tense, but what's new?  How long until Heavy Times get inducted into the RNR Hall of Fame?  Jacker and crew are always fun.  Looking forward to that new 7".  The Funs actually ended closing this one up instead of playing second.  We put our stuff down and crowdsurfed....three times?  Shit got pretty gnarly for a weekday.  Those two are getting better and better.  A well oiled machine of fuzz.  So, enjoy this new song by Dope Body!  The video's dirty and hazy, just like our memories from this night.  Order Natural History while you're at it!
heavy times
dope body
the funs

Monday, August 6, 2012

Watch : Divine Fits at Schubas.

Divine Fits - "For Your Heart" Live - Schubas from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.
"This is the first place I ever set foot in Chicago". Dan Boeckner recounting how all of his bands first shows were at the seasons venues small quarters. Divine Fits were no exception, kicking out the brand new record on their fourth show ever. Unsurprisingly, the show was great, and was opened by the wonderful Bare Mutants. Let's hope they stick around for a while.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watch : Coffin Ships @ Roxaboxen

Coffin Ships - "Hillary is an Animol +" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

If you didn't notice, we're a huge sucker for pop hooks. Chicago has a great deal of newer two-pieces that you probably haven't heard of.  They're seemingly starting to creep out into their own little slice of internet (and real life) stardom.  One thing I love about most of the bands we post about here, is they could really give a shit less about the lot of that, they just want to play, make their own music, and have people appreciate it.

These bands, they've all been playing dirty basement to 20 people for months, or years. The Hecks, The Funs, and Coffin Ships. Not to be confused with the also excellent Coffin Pricks, the ol' Ships are a non-abrasive two piece who sing about dogs and fuzzy memories. They're great, and also just put a song out on the spectacular "Manic Static Compilation #1", alongside Heavy Times, Magic Ian, and The Funs. You should buy it. Try and catch these guys in a basement. Filmed at Roxaboxen, 2012.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Listen : Magic Ian - Live at "The Dells"

Magic Ian is a solo artist who is also a part of Close Hits and Snacks, two distinctly different style bands, each quite spectacular in their own right.  Each of these bands are still alive, just a little more dormant due to having the same drummer who's currently in school in a different town.  

This was recorded impromptu at his now defunct home and show space called "The Dells".   A particularly enjoyable set due to the warmness in the room and the late hour.  I wandered in on what I remember to be a winter night, sat down, and this was already happening.  There's some funny lines in here from the peanut gallery.  God knows how long he had been playing for.  Recently he attempted to beat his record of play something like 100 fucking songs or something ridiculous like that.  The man loves to play.  Natalie Grace Alford, "Electric Ian" (also of Snacks) joining in here and there with voice and other instrumentation.  Enjoy.  Cover photo by Mark Ciarleglio.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Watch : "Instrument" at the 2012 PRF BBQ.

"Instrument" - PRF BBQ 2012 from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

 "Instrument" is a Fugazi cover set.  It's performers consist of :

Adam Reach (The Poison Arrows)
Jay Ryan (Dianogah)
Kevin J. Frank (Gauge/Haymarket Riot)
Paul Kelvington (Econoline)

This was at the spectacular, daunting PRF BBQ, a truly staggering yearly event that just seems to get better and better each year.  Tons of media coming from all sorts of people on this.  Keep an eye on the website.  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Watch : NAKED ISLAND at the Final Treasure Town show...

NAKED ISLAND - Final Treasure Town show... from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

After this month, our home away from home on S. Kedzie avenue will be no longer.  So many memories flood through our heads at the mere thought of the place.  Double Dagger's final Chicago show in the "meat-locker" loading dock.  Bitchpork.  Cacaw.  Art shows in Treasure Town.  Seeing Pile in the basement.  We could go on all day.  There's tons of footage lingering on hard drives we will eventually put up.  Here's Naked Island at the last Treasure Town show.  Kudos to these folks for putting up with everyone's shit for years longer than anyone ever expected, and giving us all the time of our lives.  We barely even remember this night.  It was grand, though.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch : Leaf Bird - "Sadaildade"

leaf bird
Cassette output continues to grow in Chicago.  You have bigger indie labels like Drag City releasing high-quality albums like CAVE, barely-there ghosts like Trust Tapes (who's website doesn't even work anymore), and recent deep underground start-ups like Manic Static and Teen River.  It continues to grow, and there's dozens more.  Then you have Plus Tapes, ran by Dustin Drase.  A slick tape output with a great website, and a strong back catalogue that includes Old Fake, Mannequin Men, and countless others.  

This is the label Chicago locals Leaf Bird chose to release their newest cassette, "Diamonds From the Cherry Mine, Vol. 1".  It's psyche, folk, rock, and pop all mixed into a short, concise package.  The below video is from the recent tape release show with House Sounds, Bone + Bell, and My Dad, held at Reversible Eye Gallery.  "Sadaildade", the video below, combines all of these elements into an almost new-wave sounding track and veers off into some heavy psyche.  It just so happened to include some wicked projection work physically held by a man on a ladder the entire time.  Dedication!  "Diamonds" is currently only available at shows, so be sure to keep an eye out.  Seek.  Purchase.  It's worth your $5.

Leaf Bird - "Sadaildade" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Watch : Warhammer 48K reunite at Bitchpork 3. Final Treasure Town show tonight...

WARHAMMER 48K : BiiiTChPoRk. from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Ah, Bitchpork 3.  Three full days of the hottest conditions known to any DIY show.  The police came on day two due to an influx of people on the patio, so they closed it down on that second day.  Temperatures reached above 100 degrees.  We had a giant bucket filled with beer each day, sticking in a rather nasty corner by the catbox.  How we survived seeing every band, every day, without any permanent injury, I'm still not quite sure.

The building will never be replicated, largely due to Mortville's insane and maniacal art installations.  Treasure Town's art frenzy via Nick Fisher and others.  The amount of shows we saw there is staggering.  It's a shame it ended senselessly, due to NATO and not in a "normal" way, like a show being busted, or them just closing the damn thing.  However, it had a run that lasted longer than most any DIY space I've ever heard of.  It should be celebrated, and surely will be remembered long after.

The final Treasure Town show is tonight.  The lineup is secret until you show up.  8PM.  Bring as much dough as you can part with.

The above video is from Warhammer 48K's reunion during Bitchpork 3.  A sweltering, insane close to day one of the festival.  Enjoy, and see you tonight.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watch : Young Man - "School" live at Lincoln Hall

Young Man - "School" Live at Lincoln Hall. from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Young Man brought a hefty crowd for a Tuesday night at Lincoln Hall.  As I walked the crowd, I was surprised by the energy of it all.  Sadly, ninety percent of these people missed the huge sound of Mines and Catacombz emanating from the beautiful space, but what can you do?   The room filled like clockwork when the band, led by Colin Caulfield, gave a surprisingly rowdy performance.  It had been a while since I had seen them. Fresh off tour, and a feature in Rolling Stone, who wouldn't be having fun? "Volume 1" is out now on French Kiss Records, and we'd suggest you pick it up. These aren't just simple, sparse pop songs by a lonely singer songwriter.   There's something more to it that you should discover for yourself.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BITCHPORK 4 : Lineup, dates revealed....

BivTCHPORK.   Spread throughout the city in multiple venues.  Some of this information is surely to change.  We probably won't update this particular page with spaces for each day, and such.  If you really even give half a shit, you'll know how to find what's what.   They're looking for spaces + volunteers to help.  Help them.  E-mail :  DO NOT send an e-mail asking if you can play.  It's full!  It's in two weeks!  Just help e-mails, dingus!  xoxo.

Lineup :

Gas Mask Horse
Heat Death
Meat Pressure
Psychic Steel
Uncanny Valley (Oakland)
XTC Jock (New Orleans)

B0dy Gl0ve (Oakland)
Diamond Hyman (Tampa)
Diving God (Los Angeles)
Dreebs (New York)
Giant Squid Autopsy
PC Worship (New York)
Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan
Rotten Apples (Boston)
Sarah Weis
Winston LaskerTERRORS (Baltimore)

Attic Ted (austin)
Enamored (Oakland)
Gel Set
Ginseng (Iowa City)
Henry & Hazel Slaughter (East Lansing)
Daniel Lutz (Columbia MO)
Outmode (Tampa)
Samantha Glass (Madison)
Solid Attitude (iowa city)
Thee Open Sex (bloomington)
Tyvek (detroit)
VnessWolfCHild (Virginia)

Apache Dropout (bloomington)
Guardian Alien (New York)
Hurricanes of Love (Philly)
Lazy K (kansas city)
Lil Princess
Mind Detergent (Oakland)
Single Moms (New Mexico)
Spires That In The Sunset Rise (madison)
Tips for Twat (mnpls)
…and a large ensemble performance of Terry Riley’s “IN C” conducted by Dan Quinlivan

Friday, June 22, 2012

Watch : Future of the Left play "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues" in NYC. Secret show photos...

We spent the last 4 days in New York City!  The night after playing Europa, our old chaps in Future of the Left did two "secret" shows. One at Saint Vitus, the other, Generation Records. Both were fun and full of snarky comments, Mclusky cuts, old and new songs. The Saint Vitus set was particularly potent. A great week, considering we are, well, based in Chicago, and didn't even expect to see these fuckers. The four piece slays. If they come, it's in your best interest to go. More video from this show will be coming up. Stick around. Thanks, New York.

Future of the Left - "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some words following the Chicago Sonic Coalition...

Sonic Coalition

I would like to extend a giant, slobbery thank you to all that attended the first annual Chicago Sonic Coalition project.  To say that it went well is an understatement.  Windy City Rock did a great recap, even though they sadly missed two of the best bands of the night.

There is a literal ton of media coming on this one, folks.  Video, photos, sound recordings.  How it all went so smoothly is a testament to our scene's cohesive, supportive nature, and it was definitely a highlight of the five years I've spent in Chicago.

Also, "we" just won "Best Music Scene Documentarian" in the Chicago Reader's Best of 2012 awards.  Critic's pick!  Thanks, Miles!  What an amazing few days.  On top of it, we're in NYC at the moment.  We saw, shot, and filmed Future of the Left play two secret shows.  Means Jeans at Cake Shop.  A great time.  Stay tuned folks.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stream the new RUNNING record...

Running - Reckless Records

Running are a band from Chicago.  A typical gig is around 13 minutes of noise that makes you wonder where everyone's balls went.  Unlike a lot of fake "I don't give a fuck" punk attitudes these days, Running are the real deal, and up the ante.  They don't have a website.  You won't find them on social media.  Yet, they're everywhere, at least to those lucky enough to be in Chicago.  This isn't a feigned choice, I'm convinced they just want to blow random people's minds.

Regulars of the dark corners of our DIY scene, we first caught them in the wee hours of the night at a now dead, but not forgotten place called The Mopery.  This is the shit that makes your jaded, wasted heart melt at 2AM, but you don't forget in the morning.  Dirty bass lines. Harsh vocal swapping.  Add in a guitar that may as well be some sort of maniacal bloodthirsty eagle, a drummer that plays like he's only got one more set until he dies, and you have Running.  There are some serious wacky pop-hooks and evil melody buried deep beneath the surface here.  After some ultra harsh tape releases, a split with Loose Dudes, and a release on Permanent Records, they now have a new LP called Asshole Savant out on Captcha.  It's probably the cleanest shit they'll put out, and comes with a flexi b-side that concludes the below track. BUY IT.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Watch : Andrew Bird at the Hideout Block Party 2011...

Andrew Bird - "Nervous Tic Motion" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Summer is here!  Here's some great belated footage from the spectacular Hideout Block Party in 2011.  Andrew Bird closed out the fest after Mavis Staples with a thrilling performance.   Here's a touching speech by Bird, as he leads into a great rendition of "Nervous Tic Motion".  Always one of the highlights of summer, this year's fest is combined with the A/V Club's efforts.  Be there.  We'll try and get some of Mavis Staples' set up soon.  Xo

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Premiere : THE FUNS - "Reality"

When it comes to posting tracks, we're more apt to go see the bands live and record the whole damn thing.  If a band we really like sends us some new shit nobodies heard, you bet your ass we're going to premiere a track from it.

The Funs are a two-piece from Chicago. They jump back and forth between drumming and guitar duties, the songs taking different forms with each switch.  It's reverb heavy.  We realize this isn't a new concept, but having seen this band a good 10 times, this is sure as hell refreshing.

We were first tipped off to them by Magic Ian's ranting about how good they were.  This is a track off their upcoming, yet-to-be-titled new record, recorded by Cooper Crain.  We have the whole damn thing, and rest assured, it's all this great, so be on the look out.  You can catch them live at "Nowheresville" on Saturday with Mines, Nude Sunrise, and White Fang!  Be there.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Watch : A live piano performance from "Mr. Forefinger"

Charles Joseph Smith - A.K.A. - Mr. Forefinger - Live Piano from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

This is a live, impromptu piano performance.  Charles Joseph Smith is a performance artist, classical pianist, and dance artist based in Chicago.  He has many stage names, including the most formidable "Mr. Forefinger". 

Charles makes albums and sells them for $5, mostly at DIY shows, does impromptu dance performances with bands, both as a solo performance in itself, and to "enhance" his favorite bands.  He is everywhere.  Find him and support his work. 

This was a unscheduled performance inspired by "The Land Line" magazine, which was having a benefit for their issue's release that night at $ituationz.  Fun fact, a house member, Sarah Marie Coogan's origami artwork is right on top of that piano.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

50+ Chicago musicians. 12+ New bands. Announcing : The Chicago Sonic Coalition.

The idea is simple : Gather over 60 Chicago musicians, and put their name in a hat.   Publicly draw at random to form over 17 new bands.  Give those bands over two months to prepare a 15-20 minute set of new music, then bring those acts in front of a live audience.  Throw them together to write and practice songs, push creativity, and get people out of their comfort zones.  The execution, however, isn't that easy.  How would these people mesh?  Would they get along?  Could they even get together, let alone write together, or even agree on what to do?  Almost everyone involved is in a current, active band.  Some even touring as I write this. 

The idea supposedly started in Cleveland as a multi-week event under the name “Lottery League”.  Milwaukee continued the tradition with a smaller version called “All Messed Up”, then doubled the size for the second year.  The more we thought about a Chicago version, the more excited we became.  So we put the call out. In less than 48 hours we had a 64 person cap that eventually grew to 68.  A reserve list was started. Soon, we had over 75 people involved.  We held a show at our beloved Treasure Town, drew the names, and 17 new bands were formed.

Musicians from almost every genre of Chicago's music scene, from noise, to folk, garage rock, and singer-songwriter's came together to form what we'd like to call the “Chicago Sonic Coalition”. They were connected, left to their own devices.  Then, the inevitable. Scheduling issues, time, work, tours. Sometimes, despite best intentions, life just gets in the way.  There were a few heartbreaking losses of personnel as the weeks began to unravel including members of Mannequin Men, Paper Mice, Wume.   A few ridiculously solid bands got broken up into pieces, while some morphed into something just as strong.  A few crumbled and will not perform. 
What remains, well, you'll just have to see live for yourself.

We stand strong as a community of musicians, artists, and creative thinkers. Recently, a heart-breaking and senseless loss of many staple multi-faceted performance spaces that will never be replicated. Chicago has many spaces.  With death, comes re-birth.   Join us Saturday, June 16th at 8PM.   Weddings open at 8pm on the dot, so don't be late.  Currently to be held at a basement spot in the middle of the city.  “ask a mug”, or e-mail for more info.  Donations are highly suggested.

MORTISTORK (Members of ONO, We Repel Each Other, Disrobe)
ALIEN SHIT (Members of Bad Drugs, Lechuguillas, Paper Mice)
CABIN CRUISER (Members of Heavy Times, Slushy, Magic Milk)
GROUP HUG (Members of Big Colour, Rodeo, Distant Cities, Bowl of Dust)
WEDDINGS (Members of New Black, Vamos, Heavy Times, and Magic Milk)
GILDED MESS (KG Price w/ Johnny Young and Zachary Mark of Battleship)
MOTHER JAGUAR (Members of New Diet, Snacks, Humminbird, and Skymaul)
COUNT KINDNESS (Members of T'Bone, Running, Esoteric Tapioca, Call Me Lightning, and House Sounds)
NATURAL CAUSES (Members of Toupee and Bomb Banks)
BLASTED (Members of Absolutely Not / Cinchel / Plastic Boner Band)
Be there. 

8:00 : WEDDINGS (Mort stage)
8:45 - BLASTED (Treasure stage)
9:30 - GILDED MESS (Mort stage)
10:00 - NATURAL CAUSES (Treasure stage)
10:30 - MOTHER JAGUAR (Mort stage)
11:00 - A.R.V.O (Treasure stage)
11:30- CABIN CRUISER (Mort stage)
12:00 - MORTISTORK (Mort stage)
12: 45 - ALIEN SHIT (Mort stage)
1:30 - COUNT KINDNESS (Mort stage)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch : A GET BENT! Birthday : Strychnine, The Hecks, Nones

Our friends at GET BENT! had a birthday party with some of our favorite Chicago bands.  Only fitting we should go check it out.  Strychnine opened it up right with some garage-punk reminiscent of the Sonics.  If all is right with the world, you'll probably start seeing The Hecks around a lot more.  Some seriously good Brainiac style guitar work, driving drums, and just plain refreshing songwork from a new Chicago two-piece.  They just opened for Black Dice, garnering praise from more than a few people I know that had never seen 'em.  Nones are on Hozac, and bring a sort of Jesus Lizard esque vibe to the closing of it all.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Watch : Mayor Daley - "15 Silver Arrows"

Something happened when Emily Elhaj joined Mayor Daley over a year ago, alongside Kelly Marie Carr and Paul Erschen. They seem more focused and a little more mellow, but in a way that forces your attention and breathes its own air in the room. They let the fuzz and rhythm ooze out slowly, but eventually, undeniably, you're encompassed. These are slow, building, sonic war-cries. I've heard the term "best band in Chicago" multiple times over the last year.

While that's certainly debatable, Mayor Daley's live show is definitely something that sticks around in your head for a while afterwards. You grab a stiff drink and light up. Close your eyes. It's hard to capture on video, the songs averaging around the 10 minute mark, but I've tried about ten different times. My most successful attempt is below, with a mostly still camera mimicking the turns of a human's body. The new LP, Sand Bath, will be out July 4 on Rotted Tooth Records. Watch, and take a listen to the just-recorded versions of "15 Silver Arrows", and a killer 12 minute "Plastic Light" below.

Stream the new songs.  Also, they're going on tour soon.  Venues to be added :

6/9 (Sat) Dustbowl w/ forced into femininity, etc.
6/16 (Sat) Mortville CAKE (comics group) benefit w/Ono, Toupee, Witch Hat.
6/28 (Mon)Empty Bottle.
7/6 Iowa City, IA (Friday)
7/7 Minneapolis, MN (Saturday)
*7/8 ACRE Benefit –Burlington (Sunday)
7/13 Kansas City, KS (Friday)
7/14 Columbia, MO (Saturday)
7/15 St. Louis, MO (Sunday)
7/16 OFF (Monday)
7/17 New Orleans, LA (Tuesday)
7/18 Atlanta, GA (Wednesday)
7/19 Asheville, NC (Thursday)
7/20 Baltimore, MD (Friday)
7/21 New York, NY #1 (Saturday)
7/22 New York, NY #2 (Sunday)
7/23 Providence, RI (Monday)
7/24 Boston, MA (Tuesday)
7/25 Rochester/Albany, NY (Wednesday)
7/26 Cleveland, OH (Thursday)
7/27 HOME (Friday)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Listen : BOX - Live at Situations last night...

12 minutes of loud, guttural rock n' roll.  Chicago's BOX.  A two piece with members of Forced into Femininity.  Not quite metal, not quite hardcore, it's a slap in the face when presented as an opener.  Especially on a Wednesday night in a small basement.  This is sadly only half of their set.  Blame whiskey and technical difficulties.  The bill also included Bomb Banks, Russian Tsarlag, and PPPMMM.  Enjoy.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Watch : A new, untitled T'BONE song....

T'bone are one of our favorite bands in Chicago.   Jokey lyrics, but not to a detriment.  Absolutely bonkers drumming by Ed Bornstein.  Solid pop songs.  Definitely a band to catch live, though the record is spectacular.  This is a new song that's so fresh it doesn't even have a name.  Filmed in "Nowheresville", 2012.

Monday, April 23, 2012

An afternoon with Running, ONO, and The Runnies.

Record Store Day in Chicago means in-stores, and lots of them.  While it's impossible for one to hit them all, we sure as hell tried.  Here's a guided tour to some of our favorite bands and spaces, all in one day.  Running have a new record, "Asshole Savant" out on Captcha RecordsONO have been a staple of the Chicago underground for over 20 years.  The Runnies, well, they just rule.  Filmed at Reckless Records, Saki, and Permanent Records.  Enjoy

The Runnies - Saki
Running - Reckless Records
ONO - Permanent Records

Friday, April 20, 2012

Watch : Willis Earl Beal live at the Hideout

"Don't wait to for nobody to discover your goddamn self". Willis Earl Beal is on everybodys watch list for good reason.  The talent is there.  Nabbed up by the XL imprint Hot Charity, he's seemingly still crafting a solo show that fits his liking.

The Chicago south-side native described "Acousmatic Sorcery" as "some shit that I did when I didn't know what I was doing", and that it's "not what you saw here".  His live show was simple backing by tape that gave a little more gravity to the lines he was singing.  It worked.  He also jumped on the Hideout's piano for a song.  At the end, an announcement that he was "not a musician", but a "motivational speaker of harmonious intentions."  A great show.  Keep an eye out.  Enjoy.

Willis Earl Beal - Live at the Hideout

Willis Earl Beal - Live at the Hideout

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Watch : Wild Flag psych out, cover Fugazi

We captured some footage via BV Chicago of Wild Flag covering Fugazi, psyching the fuck out, and going ape at the Metro. Still surprised by this band. Girls just wanna have fun.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Watch : Timmy's Organism - "Scum Revolution"

"I'm part panther!" Human Eye's Timmy Vulgar and his cohorts Timmy's Organism dedicate "Scum Revolution" to Christmas Woods and the rest of us derelicts at Chicago's killer Burlington back-room. This was at the Guilty Pleasures reunion. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tonight : Over 14 new bands are formed. Mines + Mystreater also playing...

Chicago : Tonight at Treasure Town, we draw 60+ musicians names from a hat. Those names will form over 14 new bands. Those new bands, they have 2 months to create a set of new music, to be played for you.

Welcome to the Chicago Sonic Consortium. This is not a new concept, as Cleveland had their "Lottery League", Milwaukee has "All Messed Up", and so forth, but with the amount of talent in this city, how could we not put this together? Come hang out at Treasure Town, as Mines, Mystreater, and Magic Ian will be playing for you as well. 9PM. Bring a few bucks for these fine folks, as gas is really quite stupid expensive. Be there!

Mines :

Mystreater :

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Watch : Heavy Times - "Might Not Shoot Myself"

New Heavy Times jams! The dancing bearded fellow screamed and yelled into the night. Surely you could hear him in the previously filmed Paper Mice song. He had his fun, and we had ours. Filmed in a very cramped "Situations" basement. Movement was difficult, but this one sounds so good, we had to share. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Logan Theatre reopening! Photos + Impressions.

The Logan Theater Reopens!

I'll share a secret with you : I hate waiting. When my beloved Logan Theatre announced it would be closing for remodeling, my first thought was "Yes! Those terrible seats will finally be gone!" followed shortly by a feeling of dread. Would tickets jump too high? Would the feeling of my favorite spot in the city be lost? I don't know about most of you, but I loved the old Logan, terrible seats, sticky floors, and all. Yes, I focus the attention on this blog to dirty warehouses and basements that you might liken to the smell of the old Logan, but I felt like it was my theater. You could walk or stumble in any night of the week and get a decent spot to sit. I almost liked the game of finding that one decent seat in a row that didn't make you feel like you got the hell beat out of you when you left.

The Logan Theater Reopens!

So began a brutal 6 months of waiting. Walking by, shaking my head every time. Cursing that blasted sign. Murmuring something about real-buttered popcorn in each passing. I'm happy to announce it's reopened, beautiful, and still reasonably priced. Tickets will cost you $7, $6.50 for students. It's a bigger jump than anyone wants, but let's be realistic. A night out here is still going to be much, much cheaper than a soulless trip to the other jumboplex. Matinees are even cheaper at $5.50! The concession stand is still inexpensive comparably, with the largest sized popcorn under the $4 mark...and yes, they kept the real buttered popcorn. Soda is even less. There's pretzels, too. Another inclusion is the addition of a full bar. I forgot to check drink prices.

The Logan Theater Reopens!

As far as layout, the whole thing is beautifully done, and there are some MASSIVE changes. Marble walls, lighting, old remnants of the past like the movie reels and phone booths. They opened up a whole other room for the concession and bar area, including a multi-room lounge area. The place was packed, with every showing selling out, and there were still some seats in the lounge unfilled. This can only bode well for when the initial buzz wears off and it calms down a little. The concession area was jam-packed the whole time, probably due to the $1 popcorn and drink special. You really can't fault them on the long lines, due to the insane demand. It'll be rare that every showing sells out completely on a normal night of operation. Even so, with an absolutely jammed concession area, I was able to wander up to the bar and get the attention of a bartender within 10 seconds. Attentive, and friendly staff are going to go a long way here.

The rooms themselves are prettier, and I can safely say the seats are really comfortable. There's good spacing in rows, the sound and video was great, and the temperature remained cool, if not a bit chilly for a t-shirt. Not complaining on that one, it'll be welcome as it gets hotter.

The Logan Theater Reopens!

I had my phone open, and was quickly shut down by theater staff, which I actually smiled and nodded at. Nobody wants to be that guy. The one minor gripe I had with the whole experience was the organization of lines for entry to each theater. Either it wasn't staggered well enough, or it was the sheer amount of people who just, really, don't know how to form a straight line, but it was kind of a mess in the general area. I wouldn't fret about it, it's likely to be a non issue on a normal business day.

The Logan Theater Reopens!

That said, a stellar, enjoyable, and extremely eye-pleasing opening for a gem of the city. It was great to see The Goonies on the big screen.

Welcome back, old friend!

The Logan Theater Reopens!
The Logan Theater Reopens!
The Logan Theater Reopens!
The Logan Theater Reopens!
The Logan Theater Reopens!
The Logan Theater Reopens!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Tonight : EYES AND TEETH - A Treasure Town art show.

UPDATE : Photos

Treasure Town, part of our 3-floor mecca of everything loud and beautiful, is having another art show. Those who have attended in the past know they're in for a treat. Tonight, a slew of spectacular artists will transform the spot yet again into God-knows-what. The beauty of these arts shows is that you never really know what you're in store for until you walk through those doors.

The last one housed a Double Dagger show in the basement, but upstairs you walked a hexagon filled wonderland, complete with insane circular centerpiece.

The musical stylings of Bomb Banks, Distractions, and Mayor Daley will add a little noise to the evening.

We rarely do event listings, only for special occasions, and this is that. These are always great, so we suggest you come. 9PM. Bring a donation for the bands, artists, and money to buy some cool shit. If you don't know where this is, and really can't find it, ask a mug.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watch : Ed Schrader's Music Beat at Empty Bottle.

In 2011, a friend of mine held an art show in Chicago. It also housed some of our favorite local bands like Piss Piss Piss, Moan Moan Moan, and Lechuguillas. Smack dab in the middle of a 7 band line-up was Ed Schrader's Music Beat. Being unfamiliar, and properly sauced by the time these two took the stage, I really had no idea what I was in store for. He lit the drum, covered by a Double Dagger t-shirt, and they were off. It blew me away. They went from Joy Division to Jay Reatard in mere seconds.

The power in that evil gaze made me laugh, but this was no joke. I was laughing because it was so fucking spectacular. Wondering if my booze-addled brain was just wasted enough to trick itself into thinking this was, indeed, THAT good, I trekked to the Empty Bottle to see them again. As I hope you can see in this video, I was not mistaken. Some of the most powerful sounds and moments to come from a simple two piece, since, well, anything I can ever remember.

Ed lives in Baltimore, and is a comedian, journalist, talk-show host, and part of the city's "Wham City" collective. He's joined by Devlin Rice on bass, and I hope it stays that way.

"Jazz Mind" is out now on Load Records. Buy it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Watch : Paper Mice - "Cannon Fodder"

Paper Mice have long been a staple of the Chicago DIY scene. I'll never forget the first time I saw them in the Mopery, a now defunct warehouse spot in Logan Square. The precision of these songs rests in the players, two of them being music teachers. It's a level of skill brought into what are basically sharp punk rock songs that has won over countless crowds over the years. This is a new song off "The Funny Papers", due in the spring of 2012. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Watch : Cut Teeth - "Gossip Choir" live at Beat Kitchen.

New Chicago band alert! Members of The Felix Culpa, Stay Ahead Of The Weather, Red Knife Lottery and Tornavalanche played their second ever Chicago show at Beat Kitchen the other night. This one's called "Gossip Choir" and it's off the loud-ass debut E.P. called Televandalism. Play it loud. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Watch : Islands at Lincoln Hall.

The ever-changing Islands landscape came to Lincoln Hall for a vastly different kind of show than what we've seen in the past. This time around, it was mostly a down-tempo, piano laden endeavor to highlight their excellent new LP "A Sleep and A Forgetting". Here's "Hallways" with a brief intro snippet of "This Is Not a Song". Filmed at Lincoln Hall.


(buy the record) islands

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Watch : Magic Milk laying waste to Chicago's VFW hall.

Hopefully this didn't cause any terrible flashbacks for any of those swell veterans hanging out that night. The first time I saw Magic Milk was when Turbo Fruits played a now defunct basement space bathed in deep red light. A young kid got up to the mic in a leather jacket, slicked back hair, and giant sunglasses. He sort of looked like a glam era reject with a hint of Fonzie. It ended up being a highlight of the night, simple garage rock tunes sang with soul, a harmonica, and tubes of paper confetti. The band was Magic Milk., and they've since gone through a slew of drummers, now with Maggie Laleman of Tiny Manatee behind the kit. She's a good fit here, and I hope she sticks around.

Magic Milk's songs are simple, and there's a heavy display of frontman showmanship here from singer Kenneth Alden, but it's not empty shenanigans. There's a heart and soul in these songs, and they're played with a serious demeanor, despite some ridiculousness. Sure, there's confetti, a chant, and he's got sweatpants on! Sweatpants! How he went from that first day, to this, I'll never know. You could easily laugh it off as a schtick band if you weren't dancing your ass off at the end of the night, completely fucking sold on the whole thing. Oh, and whoever threw that giant condom filled pinata at us at 3:28, you suck. 'Twas a hell of a shot, though. Second camera by the wonderful Mark Ciarleglio.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Watch : Ryley Walker w/ Andrew Scott Young

A few months ago I received an e-mail from Dustin Drase of Plus Tapes. “I've got this guitar wunderkid that we're putting out. The kid is incredible, I really want to chronicle what he's doing. He's like a young John Fahey / Tim Buckley.

Already a fan of Ryley Walker, I kept a more keen eye on when he was playing, and tried to attend every time. If I did have my cameras, most were entirely dark unfilmable affairs like a full-band warehouse show, or the new back room of the Burlington, bathed in black and red.

After an almost pitch-black set by Jake Acosta, the space enthusiastically produced at a lamp that fit so well with the warmth of this show. Julie Byrne followed, opting for the side of the room, in a warming setup of lights and candles. Bill Satek (Lechuguillas) gave a solo noise-guitar freakout that ended with rapping from the audience. Bones supposedly finished this night out, but I was on the road by then. An extremely enjoyable Teen River tape release show for Julie Byrne.

Andrew Scott Young of Mines / Tiger Hatchery joined Ryley on bass.

So, Dustin, this is for you, those who weren't there, or those who want to relive it.

Teen River

Julie Byrne :

Julie Byrne @ Ball Hall

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Funs - "Memorize Me"

Two piece "buzz fuzz" from Chicago. This was at Casa Donde with the mighty PILE, from Boston, and Mines! Pile needs to get back to Chicago. One of our favorite shows of 2011.

the funs

Saturday, February 11, 2012

TONIGHT! A benefit for CAKE w/ April Camlin, Unmanned Ship, Bomb Banks, and more...

If you like excellent art, performances, and winning shit from Quimby's, then come on down to Mortville! It's a benefit for the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo!

With live performances by-

Bomb Banks
Unmanned Ship
Violet Mice
Matchess (Whitney Johnson of Verma and E+)
Feast of The Epiphany (Baltimore)
and a live comic reading by Brainframe All-star Lyra Hill

The entire show will be presented by MCs Glucuous and his pal April Camlin (who will be doing ventriloquism!)

It's a $5 Donation to get in, and those who chip in the full amount will be entered into a raffle for excellent prizes provided by Quimby's.

This thing is also starting on time at 8pm, because we have a lot to fit into one night! A fun night to support a great cause!

Bring your pals and spread the word!

CAKE Chicago dot com

EDIT : Here's two photos from the night. Yep.

Monday, February 6, 2012

TEEN RIVER : Tapes made with love.

Featuring Ray Ellingsen. Teen River is a Chicago based tape label ran by Gordon, and Katrina Stonehart. For a new lbale, they release an ungodly amount of tapes that is now hovering around 20 per month.

Made with love. For the children.

Current tentative February releases :

TR038 DE7
TR042 AD9

For a full release list and more info :

Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch : Guilty Pleasures reunited!

It almost seemed refreshing that Guilty Pleasures chose the Burlington for their Chicago reunion show. They picked a dark, relatively new spot over, say, The Empty Bottle, a place where half of its members have worked and likely played or at least attended hundreds of shows.

Formed in 1997, they're often tagged as getting lost in the shuffle of a new era of garage rock. They recorded one record. It never came out, but now that's been rectified by Dusty Medical. Its members have since gone on to such notable projects such as The Ponys, Hot Machines, and Football.

Reunion shows can be a drag, but this was a solid, no-bullshit show for people who just wanted to see these guys, whether it be for the first or possibly the last time.

The excellent Timmy's Organism and Touched by Ghoul opened.

Buy the record!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Watch : Prince Rama at Subterranean

Ahhh, Prince Rama. A two-piece this time around, the sisters of Brooklyn headed up a show with Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan at Chicago's Subterranean. I was pretty drunk when I shot this. It's my birthday today. Yip! Enjoy. - jy

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Announcing a partnership with Brooklyn's Impose Magazine.

Just a quick note : We're excited to announce a partnership with Impose Magazine.

We believe Impose, based out of Brooklyn, shares our ideals. They cover many DIY spots, as well as normal venue based things, repping our gals and guys in Teen River, White Mystery, and all sorts of things.

They'll be featuring content of our choosing on their .TV site, as well as a few editorial articles here and there. We're excited to get good things out to a few more people. New year. New endeavors. There are some ridiculously exciting projects in the works, so as always, stay tuned.