Thursday, September 5, 2013


At this very moment, I'm sitting in Spokane International Airport, way too goddamn early.  I'm not taking any chances with anything.  It's 3:15 A.M.  After 2 layovers, and a 14 hour flight, I will land in Hong Kong, thanks to the donors who supported The World Underground.  I gotta say, that wasn't an easy thing to launch.  I must have hovered my finger over that button for a good two hours.  Thanks for confirming that it was indeed a good idea.

Your support brings us to China, where we'll meet up with Josh Feola, the legendary P.K.14, and much, much more.  China, from the north to the south, is on board.  We'll be hitting many regions, speaking with many different people.  It begins now.  Follow the social media.  Facebook, Twitter, and the like.  We'll try to update it as much as we can.  Hoping once every few days at the very least.

I really wanted to get up some live recordings of Total Fest, Bob Log III video from Farmageddon Fest, but planning this whole damn thing by myself has proven to be quite consuming.  Be stoked on those things, and much more to come in the very near future.  

We'll be gone for two months.  Aside from the shows Josh Feola books, and the ones I catch naturally, a few bands have agreed to play a set in their practice space, and we hope that works out.  The Dyne, HEDGEHOG, Noughts and Exes.  We're excited.  It's coming together.  It will all shift and change, surely, but the base is there.  Here we go.  Here's out rough schedule if you want to follow along : 

9/6 - 9/9 : Hong Kong.
Following PK14 on tour : 
9/10 - Zhuhai
9/11 - Shenzen
9/12 - 9/16 Guangzhou
9/16 - Changsha
9/18 - Chongqing
9/19 - 9/25 Chengdu
9-25 - 10-26 - Beijing
10-27 - 11/4 - Shanghai 
11/6 - 11/11 - back to Guangzhou.

Thank you for the support, now, and in the past.  It means the world (no pun intended).