Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Watch : Running @ Empty Bottle

Loose Dudes played their beer-drenched final show Monday. Running opened (as well as Empty Heads).

As the dumbing of america just said in an article entitled "Your new favorite band" :

"You want indie? I’ll give you some f-ing indie. Meet Running. They’re from Chicago and like they’re hometown heroes Big Black, they make a cacophonic noise that has a brilliant sense of anti-melody and rhythm deeply embedded. In this day of social media madness, Running are blissfully undercover."

This article probably won't change that, but you know what? If you are a reader of this site, you will like this video. If you don't know Running, you probably will have a new favorite band. Go see them live. Enjoy. Second camera by Matthew Youngblood :

Monday, June 27, 2011

R.I.P Loose Dudes : Free tonight at Empty Bottle...

poster by the amazing Ryan Duggan

"someday there will be a loose dudes coffee table book that cool punk rock dads buy at barnes and noble. RIP. loved you guys since the first time i blacked out watching you." - Ryley Walker

Well, this is it folks. Loose Dudes final show. The end of punk rock, again. Tonight! 10pm. Where is this, you ask? The Empty Bottle. How much, oh..'s free. Well, shit! Who are they playing with?!


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photos : Les Savy Fav - Subterranean 06/26/11

Hoo-lee hell. Les Savy Fav's Subterranean set came up quick yesterday, leaving our sick, cold-ridden selves to hide in the corner, sitting indian-style. Such fun. Lots of new tracks. Enjoy!

They play Green Music Fest tonight at 8:30, with Soft Speaker, the Eternals, and more before them! We'll try and make it because we love you.


Also, here are some CLOSE HITS photos! Yee-haw!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watch : R. Stevie Moore @ Mortville + Empty Bottle - Chicago

Home recording legend R. Stevie Moore came to town on Tuesday, July 21st, for what would be his first Chicago show ever. It was held, fittingly, at Mortville. A monstrous, art-splashed warehouse in the ashes of Cabrini Green, Chicago. His second night in the two-night stint? The Empty Bottle, for free. Each show had different cuts from his extensive past, and each was a wonderful rare experience to bask in the splendor that is RSM. This video is 17 minutes long, and has a pretty funny ending. Sit back, partake. Enjoy.

View photos from Mortville HERE!

View photos from Empty Bottle HERE!

R. Stevie Moore

Empty Bottle

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photos : R. Stevie Moore w/ Tropical Ooze -Chicago - Mortville w/ Billy Crystal Meth, Nude Sunrise, I Love You

Edit : watch the video :

Nitetrotter got R. Stevie Moore to play his first Chicago show, fittingly, at Mortville. Tropical Ooze backing / playing, Billy Crystal Meth, Nude Sunrise, and I Love You. We thought the show was phenomenal, and left around 3:30 AM while more than a handful of people still danced away to I Love You. RSM has some serious merch, so be sure to pick some up when you head to his free Empty Bottle show tonight.

Video to come...





Monday, June 20, 2011

Photos : PEELANDER-Z : Taste of Randolph 2011 Chicago

We couldn't help but go watch the mighty Peelander-Z go freak the squares at Taste of Randolph. Children had no idea what was going on. Some laughed. Some cried. Then we all laughed. Amazing live performers. They brought our buddy Bryan Mcclaran from the band Absolutely Not up to drum, and Wesley Madison, who lives at the wonderful Ball Hall. Enjoy these photos, there's more after the jump.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Watch : Lechuguillas live at Mortville last night...

It was mostly dark for last nights bill of Tiger Hatchery, Sunsplitter, Lechuguillas, Names Divine, and Socially Retarded. I hate using flash. Time to get that 1.4 lens. Thanks to S. for turning a lamp on for this. A great show! Good to see Tiger Hatchery.

This is Lechuguillas. Enjoy!

We're hosting another show Saturday July 2nd. Mannequin Men, Outer Minds, Close hits and more...

The last two shows we set up were super fun, and a lot of people saw each others bands that they haven't seen, met people they didn't know, and generally had a good time, so :

If we may get serious with you all :

Saturday, July 2nd, 9PM. MORTVILLE. Doughnation :






Footage (of the bands, not your ugly mug) will be captured for an eventual Chicago version of the music documentary ECHOTONE. To find out more about the project, go to and watch the trailer.

Come. Party.

Album Review : Lechuguillas - LONG LIVE THE CHUPACABRA

I woke up with this cd in bed with me. They literally threw them at us after their set. It can't be very good, then, can it?

I hope this doesn't suck. What is this, 1994? What the fuck...ok, whatever. here we go.

Track 1 - HOLY SHIT these bass lines make me want to fuck something up! it's so loud! like i'm being given ice cream and being jerked off at the same time! ohhh god the guitar isn't stopping! it just keeps going! scream for a purpose! kill your family!

Track 2 - WHAT THE FUCK this shit is even faster! jesus. aneurism! aneurism! oh my god it's only noon! what have i been doing with my life! damn this is good, who cares. i guess i could shotgun this beer.

Track 3- DAMN. my roomate woke up! he shotgunned a beer and he's throwing shit everywhere! He can't handle it! Broken glass everywhere! Lechuguillas....what have you done? We're headbanging like stupid 13 year old metal kids at a Puddle of Mudd show!

Track 4 - I JUST punched my roomate in the face! we shotgunned more beers! we accidentally hit the repeat button so we listened to this one 5 times because we're too busy blowing shit up with m80s! the neighbors came over and complained, so we punched them in the face, too!

Track 5 - MY ROOMATE IS CRYING! sludgy metal type shit! chug chug! we just burned our plants! this is amazing! the noise and smoke give the morning a nice smell! people are concerned and gathering outside! oh my god....they're nodding their heads! one of them has backpack beers!

Track 6 - THEY'RE GETTING WASTED and beating up by-passers! They want me to play it again! I can't turn it up any louder! My roomate went downstairs....wha......HE'S MAKING OUT WITH A GIRL!


Thanks, Lechuguillas!

Listen to it loud.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free / Recommended this weekend : SAKI turns one, Lechuguillas, Birthday Suits, and more...

We love free shows. For the perpetually broke / almost-homeless, Chicago has 'em spades, every week. Whether it be the Empty Bottle mondays, a free in-store, or just free for the sake of free.

Aside from Taste of Randolph (blergh) :

We could see Lechuguillas play in Mortville every weekend and remain smiley about it. The line-up tonight : Tiger Hatchery, Lechuguillas, Names Divine, Socially Retarded, Sun Splitter. Sounds like a good Friday to us.

Tommorow is looking good, too. Leave it to the Empty Bottle to not only announce ANOTHER new summer music series at the Logan Monument with Thee Oh Sees and a ton of other great bands, but they're also giving you another FREE show, on a Saturday night, with one of our favorites, the spastic and amazing BIRTHDAY SUITS! Not only that, but TERRIBLE TWOS, RADAR EYES, and more are on the bill! Holy free Saturday show, Bartman!


If you need a little something else, Saki is turning ONE this weekend, and has some great things planned...

So, there you have it. We planned your weekend for you. Go have fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Watch : Dana Falconberry - Live in Chicago

We first saw the brilliant Dana Falconberry pop up on our television when we sat down to watch Echotone. ( Needless to say, we were taken aback quite a bit. Upon finding more videos, songs, and live performances, we became enthralled in the all of beautiful, haunting harmonies and swirling guitar.

Dana is currently on a solo tour with the wonderful Matt Bauer. who's a very talented singer in his own right. She backed Matt Bauer on songs while he played his own solo set. She was nice enough to let us film her set when they stopped by Chicago to play a small DIY house show. Her family was there. I had never been to said house, and it was a quiet, seated affair complete with wonderfully nice people. The director of Echotone, Nathan Christ, helped me shoot this. We'll put those up soon. A great night that ended in some serious storms. Girls bring the lightning lately, it seems.

These songs are off her yet to be released new record. Look for it in 2011.

Pestoskey Stone
Possum Song

Enjoy. Her new record should be out soon. Dana also played some songs with Matt Bauer. We'll have those up soon.

Dana Falconberry

Photos :

You can also listen to her Daytrotter session here!

Friday, June 10, 2011

PHOTOS : Tinsel Teeth / Cacaw / Running : Crown Liquors

We love Rhode Island. They've given us greats as Chinese Stars, and the ever-spectacular TINSEL TEETH, who played smack dab in the middle of a bill with the pummeling CACAW and the excellent, noisey-as-hell RUNNING opened it up.

A three band smack to the face that was over before anyone even realized they had a shit-eating grin on their face.

Running are great. They've been around a while, are in other bands who are all equally killer. They play short, bursts of a set that can sometimes be over in the blink of an eye. Really great layered fuzzed-out vocals and guitar, Alejandro Morales on drums wailing away until they all seemingly collapse in exhaustion.

Tinsel Teeth ran around freaking the shit out of everybody, the female-frontwoman covered in fake blood, running around the bar, and eventually jumping off, while a wall of noise and screams from every member filled every inch of the place.

Cacaw have new songs, and they're really good. You should know by now these Chicago ass-kickers are the real deal. Catch them live.

edit : short, dark-ass running video :

Here's some photos of what you missed out on :

Tinsel Teeth are on tour with CACAW!

Tue, June 7th @ CSMA in Ithaca, NY
Wed, June 8th @ Now That's Class in Cleveland, OH w/ Pleasure Leftists, Night Birds
Thu, June 9th @ Crown Liquors in Chicago, IL^
Fri, Jun 10th @ E and E's Warehouse in Minneapolis, MN w/ skoal kodiac^
Sat, June 11th @ Mad Ave in Lincoln, NE ^
Sun, June 12th @ Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO w/ hot white^
Mon, June 13th @ The Compound in Provo, UT^
Wed, June 15th @ Cillanova in Sacramento, CA w/ the burgers^
Thu, June 16th @ TBA in Oakland, CA w/ sister fucker^
Fri, June 17th @ The Cave in San Francisco, CA ^
Sat, June 18th @ The Smell in Los Angeles, CA w/ foot village^
Sun June 19th @ The Soda Bar in San Diego, CA ^
Mon, June 20th @ TBA Palm Springs, CA^
Tues, June 21 @ the Tribe in Phoenix, AZ^
Wed, June 22 @ Badlands in El Paso, TX^
Thurs, June 23 @ Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX^
Fri, June 24 @ the Conservatory in OKC, OK^
Sat, June 25 @ Emo's in Austin, TX ^
Sun, June 26 @ The Mink in Houston, TX^
Monday, June 27 @ Siberia in New Orleans, LA*
Tuesday June 28 @ The Farside Collective in Tallahassee, FL*
Wed. June 29 @ TBA in Macon, GA - MATINEE SHOW*
Wed. June 29 @ Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta GA *
Thursday, June 30 @ CFBG's in Greensboro, NC*
Friday July 1 @ The 5th Dimension in Baltimore, MD *
Saturday July 2 @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philly, PA *
Sunday July 3 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY*



Could this be the fate of the Empty Bottle's disco ball by the end of the weekend?

If you know the ins-and-outs of the Chicago music scene, then surely you know about Acid Marshmallow.

Whether it be the hundreds of videos he has up on his site, or the tireless dedication he spends updating his local and diy show list just so you can easily pick and choose what you want to do, Acid Marshmallow have been providing entertainment for years.

You probably also know they hold a music fest with NEON BLOSSOM, and this year's fest is spectacular :

June 10-12 at the Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, in Chicago

Friday - Doors open at 6 pm
screening of Experimental ½ hour
Spiral Joy Band
James Plotkin
Rene Hell
White Rainbow
Lucky Dragons

Saturday - Doors open at 6 pm
screening of selected animated Alice Cohen
Leslie Keffer
Dylan Ettinger
Sword Heaven
Outer Space
Bill Orcutt
Oneohtrix Point Never

Sunday - Sonic Celluloid at Neon Marshmallow - Doors open at 2:30 pm
David Daniell
Sam Prekop

Sunday - Main program - Doors open at 6 pm
Film screening begins
Tiger Hatchery
Beau Wanzer
Sick Llama
Mike Shiflet
Telecult Powers
Pulse Emitter
The Rita
Morton Subotnick

We think we could talk all day about how legendary Morton Subotnick is, the killer Lichens, Tiger Hatchery, Sick Llama, Mike Shiflet...but we think you should just go ahead and BUY TICKETS NOW

Monday, June 6, 2011

Watch : Thao and Mirah perform at Do Division Street Fest!

Thao and Mirah played a wonderfully energetic set in the mid-day on Saturday. It, to me, was the highlight of the festival. The perfect mixture of pop and energy, dual vocals, multiple instruments. The clouds were dark just as they ended their set, but the rain held off until they were done. Lovely day.