Sunday, December 26, 2010

People Projects , Chicago, 12-31-2007!!!

Happy New Year 2008 from Gonzo Chicago!

My Christmas gift to the D.I.Y scene of Chicago, .

Some long, long, long overdue footage from People Projects on 12/31/2007!

I know many of you in this video now. Pass it on! Youtube made it dark. Let me know if you want some real copies.

This was a few months after I first moved here. I really appreciate all of the effort you guys go through to do this. In the past three years I have blown away by the selflessness of this community. I've seen Lightning Bolt, Times New Viking.....hundreds of shows at many, many places. Many of which aren't around now.

Thanks for doing this. Putting your asses on the line. Dealing with so much madness for people to come in for all of the money they have, get cigarettes and shit everywhere, put our drinks in your fridges, and bringing such happiness to music lovers like myself and numerous people i know.

Some of my friends will never stop talking about "that time when ______ played at ______"

The past three years haven't been 100% sunshine, but for what we can control, a flawless effort to bring craziness, fun, happiness, hugs, booze-sharing, art making, music passion, and just real, real good times to Chicago.

Thanks again,

-John Yingling

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Treasure Town / No Era / No Context ....

Treasure Town / Mortville already looks like the hideout of Hackers mixed with the hideout of the Turtles. When you had hundreds of pieces of paintings, sculptures, figures / other craziness, it only deepens the beautifully nightmarish scene.

One of the coolest art / music / madness installations i've ever seen.

Good work dudes :

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Music Tapes Holiday Lullabye Extravaganza!!!!!

The Music Tapes entered three houses in Chicago on the 6th and 7th of December , 2010,

EDIT : The Music Tapes ghost email writing machine has contacted me and you will not be able to view these images until after January 15th!

i went to one. ....ONE! i've talked to many who attended the others, and every single person sent intense excitement my way.

show 2/3 was super late, with a 1am start time! a way, it made it even better. delirium of some of the most well crafted bunch of songs and objects i've ever witnessed be brought into a strangers house. Saw count : 4?

it really was amazing. long live christmas.

Friday, December 3, 2010

TONIGHT : Tyler Jon Tyler, Galaxie 500, Streets On Fire, Ball Hall, SNOW......

Mental note, fix windshield wiper fluid lines :

BALL HALL: Eugenics Council, Corephallism, Socially Retarded, Fatale
BEAT KITCHEN: The Streets On Fire, Magic Milk, Emcee Phase & Ill Clinton
EMPTY BOTTLE: 1900s, Tyler Jon Tyler, Tristen
ENEMY: Ben Miller / degeneration, Dan Burke, Wyoming, Eric Leonardson & Jason Soliday
LINCOLN HALL: Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips play Galaxie 500

copypasta from lovely ol : acid-marshmallow's upcoming show list.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thee Oh Sees : Lincoln Hall / Chicago / Meat Step Lively

Lincoln Hall shows it's depth and greatness in a snug ass-kicker by Thee Oh Sees. 9/15/2010.


Wolf Parade.......STOP PLAYING! heard it here last. After a couple shows next year, they will be on an indefinite hiatus.

See previous post for how awesome Wolf Parade were live.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WOLF PARADE Live Review : Adventures in the House of Blues November 23rd , 2010

I have lived in Chicago over 3 years and have never been to the House of Blues.

I have never seen Wolf Parade live.

This was a deadly mixture. I knew Wolf Parade were really, really good live. I wasn't worried on that front, but the odd-ball venue I wasn't accustomed too I feared would be a wrench in the system.

I kept an open mind, and drove downtown with a friend to find a pay-to-park spot a block away at 8:50 pm, just in time to leave it there.

I didn't have a ticket, so I posted an ad on Craigslist seeing if anyone had a cheap ticket.

A dude called me and ended up giving it to me for $10.

Things were looking up!

I stepped through a few hurdles to get into the wacky monstrosity that was the House of Blues, and once inside, swiftly glided through the ID check / pat down, smooth and easy. I marveled at how well the night had gone so far while walking around the venue, listening to the second band of the three, Wintersleep. I finally settled in for about four songs up front. I was in a specific kind of "please fuck me up with your awesomeness" and it just didn't really deliver. Great energy, but I really just had no interest in anything else. I head bobbed politely and listened to the weird crowd behind me. I was bummed I missed Ogre, You Asshole!, but the amount of shows I have been going to see lately beckoned me to take my time getting there.

The House of Blues has no barrier! Beers are cheaper than Metro! The sound is....not terrible! Oh, how it's come together!

When they were done, someone turned and said, "hey, you were at no age"....that being the Lincoln Hall show two days before.

AT SAID WOLF PARADE SHOW, I also met the girl who wrote a review of said show in gapers block yesterday, that had this picture of me in it, mouth agape :
Gaper's Block review by Bonnie Page.

While, I don't really agree with that review and thought the show was bliss even though I could barely hear the vocals, we're getting a little off track here.

You see...that above picture...if you can picture my mouth, a little wider, and in more of a joker-esque maniacal grin....then you have....a live review of Wolf Parade at the House of Blues.

They seemed comfortable. Chatty. Boeckner said someone told him he should say "hey Sexy Chicago"

The songs swayed from old to new exactly how I thought they would, with seamless effort and some "thank you's" and healthy chit-chatter.

If you're seeking out this review, you know what they play nowadays. For months I read about these set lists, geeking out that I'd even get to HEAR a song like "I'll Believe in Anything" in it's proper melting glory. I was originally only a little bit bummed of the omission of "California Dreamer" , then they ended the night with a one-two punch of "Runner" that led into an insanely energetic "Fancy Claps"...

I think I blacked out from how fucking rad hearing those two songs together was. Maybe it was that roofie popcorn.

I woke up sleeping in a nest of baby kittens with cheesecake in one hand, and a gumballhead in the other.

...and all was well with the world.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tyler Jon Tyler, Turbo Fruits, Tinsel Teeth, OH MY!!!

Tyler Jon Tyler celebrate Crystal Rock Haus's second year / play Seperate Issue at the Empty Bottle :

Speaking of the Empty Bottle, remember when Tinsel Teeth DESTROYED it?

Turbo Fruits played bloodline. With Pujo. and Magic Milk! More in front of you soon from this show :

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hey boys and girls,

Big stuff coming.

BLOODLINE SPEAKEASY is back open and hosting TURBO FRUITS and PUJOL tommorow!!!!!!!!!

Also, I just filmed a super sexy batch of Clinic songs at that super great Lincoln Hall show that will be up soon.

See you at Bloodline!


Friday, November 5, 2010

It's getting colder, Chicago...

Luckily there's a lot to do.

Tonight's shows :

BOTTOM LOUNGE: The Ponys, Hollows, Lover!
EMPTY BOTTLE: Rabble Rabble, White/Light, Black Math, Verma
HIDEOUT: Bottomless Pit, Black Helicopter, Wereworm
LINCOLN HALL: Smith Westerns, Mickey, Dead Luke
PANCHO'S BAR: Ratattack, The Ovens, Squish, The Pleats
REGGIES ROCK CLUB: Bobby Conn and Monica Bou Bou, Stephen Paul Smoker, Mucca Pazza
SCHUBAS: Violens
TRANSISTOR: Women of Noise II: Electric Boogaloo! w/Right-Eye Rita, All Extinct Animals, Nicole Miller (Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan), Call Me on the Allophone, Liz Bjorklund (Silver Abuse), Nancy Economou
WILD HARE: Anthony B, Gullibanque

you know...just in case one of you lurkers hasn't decided on one of the 10 shows going on...

bundle up, and TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK!



Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Heart Procession - The Waiter no. 3 - Vic Theater Chicago

Black Heart Procession played the Vic in Chicago yesterday, October 29th, 2010. It was Pall Jenkins, Tobias, and a violinist I didn't recognize. Songs from 1 + 2 were played. It seemed like nobody cared. I was grinning like a child molester the whole time. Coolest shit i've ever seen. The strongest i've ever seen them as well, as far as Pall's vocals go. The entire thing was just...pure Halloween.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Night 2 of a 2 night run at the Empty Bottle.

Hollows seem a lot tighter as of late. Other people think so too. CoCoComa have been playing a lot lately, and never fail to beat the shit out of you until you're riled up. The Gories setlist was supposed pretty different from the night before, when White Mystery and Gentlemen John Battles opened. Sloppy, wild fun. it's The Gories!!!

CoCoComa open this clip.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LIGHTNING BOLT at the Logan Square Monument...

The Logan Square monument was ravaged by the Dan Deacon Emsemble (which included the fucking DOUBLE DAGGER drummer!) and LIGHTNING BOLT.

At this point, i had come from off the stage. sort of in a weird abyss. girls were in front of me, basically laying on the concrete. a line of dudes in back of me, keeping girls from getting smashed. I was pretty much curled up into a ball, keeping my legs up so that if 500 people all suddenly smashed me, my legs wouldn’t get broken. i wish youtubes encoding wouldn’t make it three times as dark as it really is, i got some really great videos from all different areas of the stage that i’m going to have to lighten up before putting more up. Enjoy

- hmd

Coo Coo for COCOCOMA

Trouble In Mind.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perfume Genius is gooood live. New jams. Unknown jams. Current jams.

Mmmm. Tuesday night. 40 or so people. Schubas is one of the best places for these types of shows. Super nice fellows. Hope they enjoyed their day off.

MEANWHILE : Enjoy the unreleased "Your Drum" , a few amazing songs unknown to me, and some current goodness.





LOOK OUT!!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!!!! :


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Caribou. Live. John Schmersal. Electric. Metro - Chicago


Caribou's backdrop Sunday at the Metro was perfect. John Schmersal from Enon was there to tuck you in. A haze stuck to the walls. Even drones can fly away :

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dismemberment Plan loves Chicago...

Dismemberment Plan To Reassemble In Chicago

the Jesus Lizard. Pavement. Hot Snakes (sort of).

if other bands needed any other "hey man, it's cool now" green light, the Dismemberment Plan reunite.

...and play Chicago again.

Life is good....

Fugazi? Please?

Deerhunter live under a bridge in Chicago - "Revival" and "Helicopters"

They played powered by a generator. Where are my jeans? Why didn't you let me drink beer? We're under a BRIDGE. Whiskey was shared. New stuff was damn good. "Revival" is killer. The sound was really giving them problems, but they dealt with it well and it didn't hinder the show. Weird staff. Silly policies all around. Great gloomy afternoon for some new Deerhunter songs.

Monday, September 13, 2010


...and get rich....

Re-issued Emergency & I

Shows so far :

01-21 Washington, DC - Black Cat
01-22 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
01-27 Philadelphia, PA - Starlight Ballroom
01-28 Boston, MA - Paradise
01-29 New York, NY - Webster Hall

I think I speak for everyone when I say, more please.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunny Day Real Estate - 48 - Metro - Chicago 2009

Sunny Day Real Estate got back together again and played the METRO! This was the last song...amazing.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Mopery WILL NEVER DIE....

Still cleaning myself from this one.

More to come...

UPDATE : 03/14/2010 : Victor Spatafora is releasing a documentary on this last night with footage from myself and others. Stay tuned.

Thursday, August 26, 2010



When I first moved here years ago, my now ex-girlfriend was buying a phone at the US Cellular on the corner. I went out to smoke, and a man approached with beer. "Oh, you bought me beer!" I said sarcastically. "No, but what are you doing later tonight? I'm having a show". He invited me up to his house where they "all live in tents". His house meaning, a giant warehouse with art and madness everywhere.

From then on, never have I seen so many great bands, sense of community, selflessness, and just a general feeling of people not giving a shit what clothes you have on, who you're with, or any of that bullshit. You could walk in alone and leave with 3 new friends. This was a place where they let me put my beer in the fridge, and NOBODY TOOK IT. EVER. Well, you know how good this was...

The Mopery,

Thank you. We appreciated it.

Saturday is the last show. Lineup :

Loose Dudes
Paper Mice
Bad Drugs
Unmanned Ship
Sun Splitter
Tiger Hatchery

Take a look at all you've missed, SCHEDULE AND LINKS TO BANDS

My condolences for your loss, Chicago.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh, I can finally walk again after Lollapalooza 2010 weekend!

Just a teaser...

matt and kim :

the walkmen, double door :

cymbals eat guitars, schubas :

don't even really remember watching harlem...goddamn beauty bar open bar.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pitchfork 2010 weekend : A live review of sorts.....

I would say, aside from Pavement, the most thrilling aspects of this weekend were the aftershows.

Titus Andronicus played an insanely hot, wild set at Subterranean.

Lightning Bolt played Bitchpork under the name of "Turd Thrower" Saturday night.

Bitchpork consisted of a multi-level warehouse with bands playing everywhere. Ice cream trucks, weird lights, outdoor patios with acoustic-laden shirtless men screaming lyrics...

By sunday night, when Malkmus uttered the words "Times New Viking", I knew where they were playing, but as much of a show junkie as I am, my body would not physically allow me to go.

Here's a mash-up of almost everything i got my calloused, bruis-laden little hands on this weekend. Enjoy :

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Walkmen - Live @ Schubas, 2009...

The Walkmen played one of the most thrilling shows i've ever been to in my 10+ years of attending them.

Most of the time was spent with my mouth agape, praying my camera didn't run out of battery, or room.

White Rabbits opened, which sweetened the already overly sweet pot of seeing both of these bands at one of the smallest, most respected clubs in Chicago.

These are the first two songs...

Modest Mouse - Live @ Summerfest 2010 - This Devil's Workday

Modest Mouse lit up Summerfest 2010 with a slew of old and new.

This is, "This Devil's Workday"


Fiery Furnaces - Live @ Empty Bottle

trouble trouble worry, bitches :

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Dodos - Joe's Waltz, Live in Milwaukee @ Pabst Theater...

The Dodo's opened up for New Pornographers in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater.

Always phenomenal, they tried out some new material, using us "as their guinea pigs". I was happy to hear it. It sounded really good, mixing the old intensity with newer harmony and instrumentation.

Here's "Joe's Waltz", one of my favorite long-ass rockers.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New NIGHT MARCHERS song - Tropical Depression

Heavy rain faded in and out throughout the entire set and into the night. Night Marchers had played Wicker Park fest last year.

This was an entirely better show.

enjoy :

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Haymarket Riot are a band from Chicago....

...they've been together for TEN years.

Divot Records. Chicago staple. If you haven't seen them, what are you waiting for?

Footage from :

Metronome Festival 2009
Empty Bottle

Enjoy :

Harlem / Black Lips putting two dudes in their place/ Paper Chase / Menomena....

"You can dance onstage, I have fun when you do that, just don't unplug our shit. Then we all look stupid and we're dancing to nothing"

- Jared from Black lips doesn't want you to unplug his shit, let alone SLAM into him while he's playing...and people wonder why they get pissed.

A compilation of videos from, in order :

The Paper Chase
Black Lips
Call Me Lightning
and Harlem.

Enjoy :

Janelle Monae @ Schubas... 2010

Janelle Monae doesn't need any press from me. What a tight, talented group of individuals who REALLY know how to put on a show. Schubas was almost going to collapse on itself. Enjoy :

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chicago : The last month or so...

The Ex
Electric Jellyfish
Titus Andronicus
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Atoms For Peace

vivian girls was little longer back.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Thom Yorke - I Froze Up / Everything In It's Right Place....

Atoms For Peace slayed Chicago last weekend. I mean, really, Flea is a madman. I didn't realize how good someone can be on bass. There was a kid on his dad's shoulders doing the Yorke head-weave the whole time. It was the cutest goddamn thing i've ever seen.

Here is Thom Yorke playing "I Froze Up" and "Everything in it's Right Place".

...and yes, that's me screaming "True Love Waits!"

Go see 'em while you can :

Johnny Whitney of Jaguar Love - Georgia

Johnny Whitney is a class act...really, it's true.

Jaguar Love played Reggie's, as seen below.

Not only did they play a loft show the next night, but Johnny Whitney was nice enough to LOOK UP HIS OWN LYRICS on google to learn a song for me THAT DAY!

We talked of manyjavascript:void(0) things including the Blood Brothers,, touring, and his perspective on music in general at the moment.

SO, here for your viewing pleasure, "Georgia" :

Thursday, April 8, 2010


...the Lakeshore Theater is closing. Abruptly.

It's happening.

This weekend.

I still can't believe it.

Farewell good friend. I experienced Bob and David, Dave Atell, and Doug Stanhope all make me spit beer out of my mouth and cry tears of laughter.

Chicago is losing a landmark as far as i'm concerned.

Aside from Cymbals Eat Guitars, Titus Andronicus, Dillinger Escape Plan, Black lips, etc....which we'll get to :

Jaguar Love is playing a loft show, tommorow, today...Friday.

They played to what seemed like 50 people at Reggies tonight. It ruled.

It's true, Reggies does look like the TMNT1 skate park hangout.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

BLACK LIPS - Logan Square Auditorium 2010

I'm still too tired from this show to type anything up. Enjoy some results from my pain :

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Titus Andronicus play an hour long in-store...

Titus Andronicus played a free show with No Age at Reggie's a while back, and it ruled.

They came back again, fresh off a "best new music" from P4k, and played a longer, harder, more sweat-drenched show than normal bands play on a saturday night.

Cheers to you, dudes.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

YACHT cover "Burn and Rub" by Paleface, "Nausea".......02/28/10

Yacht came to the Empty Bottle in Chicago with Bobby Birdman and made me a believer. "Best New Music" indeed. Ridiculously nice people who knew and loved Brainiac and busted out some serious guitar work and noise. This is good dance music people.

Below are two covers, Paleface's "Burn and Rob" in the dark, and "Nausea" !

YACHT - Covers "Nausea" and "Burn and Rob" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

R.I.P HALFWAY HOUSE : : Loft Show Hopping : Crazy-ass hardcore crowd, Halfway House gets busted up, Chicago, 2/20/10

Too dark, but must go up anyway, a lighter version will be up when I stop using Windows Movie Maker on a laptop from 2001.

Really now....

The craziest crowd I have ever seen at a DIY space was last night, as shown after the first small clip. Was way late, got there at 9:30, it started around 7 / 8. Caught the last two bands of four, which i believe these are Neurons and Raw Nerve. Had never been here. Cool spot with low ceilings. The guy in the red shirt drained every single drop of energy during their set. It seems everyone did. This was sheer insanity. Even inebriated, you could just feel the energy of that circle. Truly a whirlwind. WTF is going on at some of those points? Dude holding your face, are you okay?

The second show started at 10:30 at Halfway House. I knew nothing about it until a text came at 9:00. Nothing on the internet.... three? bands played, and cops were everywhere toward the end.. 12? cars outside. Gangbusters. Nice mixture of bands. Donation stuff. Amazingly layout. Space to walk around even though there were shitloads of people. It sounded like they're going to tear you guys apart!

I , and most people, really appreciate what you guys are doing to have these shows. Cheers to you all.

******** UPDATE ********** EVERYONE @ Halfway got evicted, EVERY floor?!

Dammit. First time there, loved it. WE APPRECIATE WHAT YOU DID GUYS! :(

Saturday, February 20, 2010

St Vincent came to the Metro....

...completely blowing me away. 2/18. I had only heard a handful of songs and the full album once as low backround noise to work.

I sensed it would be a really good one, so I posted a craigslist ad three hours before the show to test my luck. A wonderful girl answered my craigslist ad for tickets UNDER face! I hadn't heard more than a handful of St. Vincent songs, but from what I heard, I knew i'd like it. I'm happy I went. This ruled. I just listened to this song on record and it is not like this. This version ...jeez...just....heart on the floor.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Marnie Stern destroying a dog's ears....Permanent Records Chicago

Marnie Stern came and played the wonderful Permanent Records. The vocal amp blew out. They laughed and kept playing. Beers were drank. That dogs ears are screwed. I left a fan of Marnie Stern. 08???

This was the first song...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

NEW REIGNING SOUND - Subterranean , Chicago, 2009

WHAT IS THIS SONG?!?!?! I don't think it's a cover.

Reigning Sound played the Subterranean in 2009.

I really thought a few people there were either going to throw their voice of from screaming like madmen, or just hyperventilate and pass out.

People were WILD happy to be there, and so were they.

My friend Andy Junk dragged me out to this, and for that, I am grateful. I was not well versed in the catalogue of Cartwright, and am not easily impressed.

I was blown away.


REIGNING SOUND - OMGWTF? NEW????? Subterranean Chicago 2009 from John Yingling on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Life and Times - Dull Knives

The Life and Times came to the Empty Bottle and made the next night's Cold War Kids set seem dull and uninspired.

Epley lives in Chicago now.


Dear Summer, hurry.....

Serious snow.

Being originally from Wisconsin, I could normally tend to care less.

Last year's lineups of tiny street festivals was stupid good. Menomena, White Rabbits, Handsome Furs, Flossatradamus, Harlem Shakes, Thao, Night Marchers etc. at Ribfest and Do Division

Tapes n Tapes and Art Brut played the first ever "green fest".

Haymarket Riot and Turbo Fruits played to NOBODY at the first ever...what...Metronome fest???? NOBODY!!!! Turbofruits were happy to drive to drive that long just to get $600. Me and two dudes rocked out.

Made for great footage.

It was a huge fucking surprise.

Hope this summers line-ups can compete.

Hideout needs a proper block party this year.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Enon came to the Empty Bottle and played a bunch of new songs in June of 2009. They played with Eat Sugar and Kinetic Stereo Kids.

They also played Rubber Car and Biofeedback.

These other new ones will also be up rather soon, as it was a phenomenal show.

Enjoy some new Enon!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pavement, Modest Mouse to play Pitchfork Fest 2010...

Oh shit.

Line-up so far :

Friday, July 16:

-- Modest Mouse

Saturday, July 17:

-- LCD Soundsystem
-- Raekwon
-- Here We Go Magic

Sunday, July 18:

-- Pavement
-- St. Vincent
-- Lightning Bolt
-- Cass McCombs
-- Sleigh Bells

Ticket get.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

These Arms Are Snakes - Sad to see you go...

These Arms Are Snakes broke up in January. I think my head still hurts from the last show. I'm saddened to see them go, but if it had to be done it had to be done.

Some argued the greatness of their most recent album, but I felt it to be really solid.

If they think it was time, who am I to argue.

This, my friends, is a song called Idaho, from the Subterranean show in 2009. Personally, this was my favorite time I ever saw them. Partly because they opened with this fucking song. They sure did love that place. Such a fitting venue for this band to tear to pieces.

"You stole all my love, and I.....WANT IT BACK"


Islands came to the Subterranean in 2009, without a string section, and killed it. a rapless Whalebone was played. I think I popped a few blood vessels. In support of Vapours, which I think is some of the catchiest stuff they've ever done.

A story was told about going into a town that they truly believe was the REAL Sleepy Hollow.

The Michael Cera video cape was in full effect.

Below, Switched On.


Chinese Stars just want to destroy your eardrums...

Chinese Stars have become one of my favorite live bands. They remind me of Brainiac. They always come and play the Empty Bottle, one of the best venues in Chicago. It's always wild, boozey, and a treat for everyone who gets to witness it.

Not only did they play the Empty Bottle twice in the last year, they also came and did a one-off when one of their shows got cancelled. It was in an art gallery. The cops showed up right before they went on, but they played anyway, instructing all to just use the back door if you want to go out.

This particular night I could barely hold my camera up due to multiple reasons. Eric told me a story involving an overweight girl who gave him some sort of disease. He told me they'd be back with Six Finger Satellite. I didn't really believe him because it just sounded too good to be true. But it ended up happening.

GO AND SEE THIS BAND. Their new record is on Anchor Brain. It rules. Buy it.

A photo from Jay Reatard's last show...

The only decent photo I got from Jay Reatard's last show.

Today we all found out Jay Reatard had passed away on January 13 due to "cocaine toxicity, and that alcohol was a contributing factor in his death."

We will all miss you so much. I'm grateful to have seen him so many times, and to have spoken with him. He participated in something i'm putting together.

The first time I saw him was in Green Bay, WI with Lost Sounds. I remember him playing a few songs just him on the drums playing a guitar and singing too. "Who was this man?" I wondered...

Thank you Jay for what you brought while you were here. It's stupid you're not around to keep going. If anyone deserved to, it was you.

Rest in peace.

Cold War Kids - Vic Theater - Chicago 1/30/2010

Guerilla video get! You can't film at the Vic, but obviously if you know me, you know it won't stop me. Thanks to the girl who had no idea who I was, letting me put my hand on her shoulder so the security guards line of sight only saw her head, and nothing more.

It's not just me. The last time the Cold War Kids were at the Vic, I looked up the reviews to see how it was. I couldn't go. I saw luke-warm reviews. It made me sad! "Maybe they were having an off night?" I thought...

Well, they came again, and I agree with a lot of the reviews out there. They played 5 shows in the U.S. for "Behave Yourself", and sadly, in hindsight, it was pretty underwhelming.

I never got to see them for Loyalty, so I was excited to see these songs. To me, most of them fell flat. When "Relief" started, I couldn't help but be so excited I nearly swallowed my tongue. I love that song. I think the energy it exudes is just so oddly amazing, but again, just....nothing came from it.

Props to them for offering the show for free download. Maybe I should have grabbed it to see if this "review" is warranted, but you leave a show with a certain feeling, and the Cold War Kids ALWAYS left me floored. I saw them open for Tapes n Tapes years ago in Madison at the Barrymore, had no idea who they were, and got my ass kicked all over the place.

What happened?

Where was the opening band for "St. John"? Where was the junk yard drum kits, the smiles, and well...the energy?

The connection was decent, but they just seemed a bit bored during a lot of it, despite saying that Chicago is very special to them. Maybe new material will help, but it's not like Loyalty is ten years old.

People seemed to love it, but I just didn't take a whole lot away from it.


One song that did grab me off their new EP, is Sermons Vs. the Gospel, which is below.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Medications play Faraquet - Ronny's - Chicago Sat., March 14, 9 p.m. 2009

Back in March, I drove to Ronny's for the first time. Medications finally came. I think I bugged them for three years, every few months. "When are you coming to Chicago?" was all every message asked. They finally did.

I had a 1GB camera card at the time. It kept messing up on me. Stopping recording. Not letting me record. I'm lucky I got 80% of this song, but for the hardcore fans, I'm sorry it cuts off at such a ridiculous point.

I'm as pissed as you are.

SOMEONE ELSE recorded this! They said it was part of a documentary. Footage plz?

This is a Faraquet song.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An open letter to Youtube...


Fix your log-in issue where you just go back to your crappy google link and log-in page.

I'm not going to link my account, it's not a google account.

I know my password is correct, you are telling me this yourselves.


There's many sites with unresolved issues of this.

Sincerest thanks,


Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Mopery seriously wants to entertain you...

Please don't be disrespectful at DYI places.


All these people want to do is go out of their fucking way to give you a good time.

They put money, time, and resources into letting you come in for free, throw a few bucks down, bring some beer, SMOKE YOUR CIGARETTES even!

Be nice!

Someone got kicked out last night. he seemed like a nice guy, considering he was sooo plastered i'm sure he even rivaled MY hangover today, it being my birthday at midnight!

I didn't see him do anything. People fell on the floor a bunch, dudes were pushing, windmill dancing and shit. The guy seemed genuinely pissed and bewildered at it all though. Maybe he was too drunk to know that he did something.

do whatever you want, just don't hurt people or damage shit. i miss fugazi regulatin'.

Chicago is a crazy town.

Warehouses having really great touring bands, and the bands telling me they would rather play at a place like that, than a proper venue. Some are bands from hundreds of miles away! This is why I love music.

CLUES - Schubas, Tommorow Never Knows - 01/17/2010

First of all :

"Remember Severed Head" is about Scylla, NOT "Perfect Fit". Didn't feel like editing in a small clip just to have some sort of explanation.

"Haarp" is about Charybdis.

i'm happy with how all of this came together. The Scylla/Charybdis tie-in that I just so happened to have hit the record button.

I shot 9/10th's of this show half heartedly while I jumped around, and really the only decent stuff made it in this cut of stuff.

I was standing in the wrong spot for maximum vocal goodness for some of the faster, fuller songs, and I knew it, so I just got wacky. They pretty much played the entire LP.

You may notice someone say "oh my god" , and WTF, etc... It was pretty much the story after every song they played.

I knew these songs were going to be better live, but even in the upper right, where the vocals still kicked and resonated in your left ear, walls of sound creeped in from every angle.

It's my birthday.

I spent it in a warehouse watching Bear Claw and a touring band from Tennessee called New Brutalism. A nice surprise.



CLUES - Schubas , 01/17/2010 from John Yingling on Vimeo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Jay Reatard : a brief thank you from Spoon, a photo from his last show, etc...

The intro snippet from Spoon is from the New Year's Eve show that, sadly, was Jay Reatard's last. The photo following it is the only decent photo I got from that show.

I put in a picture from when he played Aragon Ballroom with the Pixies last November, just to show you how many people were watching him (whether they cared or not.) Aside from getting this Spoon clip and photo of his last performance out in the open, I'm still very bothered by his passing, so I put a little more something together.

The last clip is from the Empty Bottle show w/ Nobunny, Hunx and his Punx, and Box Elders. The sound quality is just too good to not have up on the internet for you all to enjoy. The songs are Trapped Here and Greed, Money, Useless Children.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me about the first video. I didn't think it would mean so much to people and make so many people happy. I'm really, truly grateful that you all enjoyed it so much. I know some of you are just kind of blindly hunting around for footage, interviews, and anything you can find to try to make things a little better. This is all I can really offer. This particular night was ridiculously rowdy. Goner Records showcase of sorts, you could tell everyone was just there to have a sweaty good time. I have a ton of mediocre sound quality videos. Let me know if you want me to put them up on the tube. Enjoy.

Clues, Schubas, Tommorow Never Knows...

Tommorow Never Knows 2010, from what I hear, was all sorts of amazing.

I was not in top form for buying tickets to any of these shows. Atlas Sound was a priority but it just didn't happen.

However, I was treated to a set from Clues at Schubas last night.

Haunting energy flowed from these fellows.

I was running on two hours of sleep, and trying to compensate with beer and other things not only made for a very weird and surreal experience, but the ensuing story telling from Alden Penner, in hindsight, sums up the night.

A story about greek mythology and hints about nature overtaking were brought up.

Was the world coming to an end?

Are Clues some sort of saviour brought forth from the heavens to save us all?

Something new was played.

Cameras could not be held steady.

Waves of sound washed over me.

People in the crowd got a little bit too serious.

Maybe Alden and company really are the answer to all of our prayers, and these few people in attendance were the only ones who knew it. A few people in the crowd were almost hyperventilating the whole thing. Moments like this make you realize, music is some people's reasoning for just getting out of bed.

super nice guys who were just as tired as i was.

It was a short set, but let's hope we see them back a few more times considering the history of Alden's projects.

Some sadly shaky video will be up soon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shitty bands should have a law enforced....

Thanks for all the kind words concerning that, I hope you got a smile from it in this shitty time.

I'm looking over these Reigning Sound videos...

Mindblowing live band.

There should be a world rule that any cookie cutter ratings-whore bands should have to see a band like Reigning Sound, or Jay Reatard, or better yet, go on tour with them.

The heart, guts, and sheer emotion some of these shows have, it's something you just can't fake.

Some people just don't seem to know that things like this exist. This is why i'm doing what i'm doing...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jay Reatard : A Tribute...

"Jay was as full of life as anyone we've ever met, and responsible for so many memorable moments as a person and artist. Were honored to have known and worked with him, and we will miss him terribly." - Matador

I was at what I think was his last show in Milwaukee, and while I stupidly didn't film any of it (the one time out of ten I saw him) , it was the best i'd ever seen him play. The new band members (from Cola Freaks) and Jay played the songs slower, like on record. If you've ever seen him before with the old band, you know it was about 3X faster. I doubt this has any hidden meaning, maybe they just thought it sounded better. I certainly thought so. Playing it slower, Jay was actually singing, bringing out the crazy hooks that those songs had when you'd listen to them at home.

I talked to Jay a lot, he'd come to Chicago often. He was always super gracious, and really nice. A far cry from the people that think he was just out to punch you in the face.

I hope this gives someone, anyone, something to smile about.


up @ pitchfork! thanks dudes!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

R.I.P - JAY REATARD May 1, 1980 - January 13, 2010


29 years old.


I was at one of (if not his last) shows NYE in Milwaukee with Spoon. Jay and the cola freaks played all of his songs slower like on record. Should have filmed it, as it was the best i'd ever seen him.

Sorry for the cliche, but it's such a fucking shame. He was ALWAYS super nice, and gracious. I'll throw something together in his honor and put it up tommorow.

The next upload will be.....

MEDICATIONS. Not only Medications, but "Medications" in the sense that they played a faraquet song...Chad played drums!

I'll try to have it up by next week.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the pAper chAse - When (and if) the Big One Hits, I'll Just Meet You There....

I have been a fan of the Paper Chase since the year 2000, when I was sitting in my brothers car, and noticed an odd looking cd, which turned out to be "Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know". I was 15. I asked him what it was, and he said "Oh, you're not ready for that yet." Being into pop punk and punk rock primarily, at the time, I thought "fuck you!" , and stole it from him.

It was the best decision of my life, musically.

Since that year, The Paper Chase have been turning out consistently great records, including a DOUBLE record, part of which is out.

I've seen them many times, and every time there has been hearts on the floor, with Congleton, Weaver and co. eventually converting everyone in the room The twisting and turning of Congleton, the lumbering frantic bass making you back away just a little bit as to not get hit in the face by this fellow. Don't worry though, they know what they're doing. Go see them live. Grab a beer, and get ready.

This particular clip is from when they played the Empty Bottle in 2009. I drove to Milwaukee the night before, and obviously had to catch them in my hometown. I have a ridiculous video of "Go Fishing" that i'll throw up a little later (from the beat kitchen show, I know there's other footage from that show out there!) but here's a song that i've never heard live before this time, from their first LP.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Double Dagger @ Permanent Records - July 09

Double Dagger performs The Pyschic at Permanent Records in Chicago.

This was in July. They played THREE shows here! They opened for Fiery Furnaces, played this show, and then later that night played a loft space.

I had no idea who these guys were, my friend told me I should go, so I grabbed a few beers and headed to the always fun Permanent Records. If you haven't been there, check it out! You can order online now as well.

They played like they were in front of 500 people. Huge energy, hilariousness, and humbleness. They then played the loft show later that night to ten times the sweaty, sweaty individuals. I got some killer video of that. Show me you want 'em and i'll throw a few up!

What a bunch of swell dudes.


David Yow crowd surfs with bruised ribs...

Jesus Lizard are a bunch of badasses, but you didn't need me to tell you that.

This was back in November of 09', in which Jesus Lizard played two shows at Metro in a row. Friday night Yow had to go to the hospital and ended up with bruised ribs....

This was the next night...Yow and co. , bruised ribs and all...

Jeremy Enigk - When Will I Speak

Dear Jeremy Enigk :

I am fully convinced you are a superhero.

Jeremy came to the Abbey pub a while back...may 2008? I have always been a really big fan of everything he's done. The United States of Leland stuff were even tear-jerkers.

So, missing out on the original SDRE (which I finally saw in '09), I was really stoked to go see him on a freezing cold night. He played by himself, with what seemed like 80 or so people just standing mouths agape. A mohawked dude in front of me was really into it. He even played more than a couple sunny day songs, a leland song, and that was back when I only had a 1GB memory card. So, in risk of running out of room, I taped about 45 seconds of 10 songs. In hindsight, it was a bummer, but I made sure to rectify it when he came back.

Below, we have Mr. Enigk at Bottom Lounge a mere six months later! Equally mindblowing show.

Jeremy Enigk knows how to kick you in the face, all by himself.

Jeremy, please tour for O.K. Bear soon, I think it's some of the best you've ever done.

Without further ado, the FIRST song I ever downloaded in the mid nineties, on my 14.4k modem, a (from what I can gather) never-released track...

..When Will I Speak :

New Spoon - Written in Reverse...

I realize Mystery Zone is hard to find, but honestly, it's not really worth my time to upload (with such crappy internet). It's sort of like "I turn my camera on" without the hooks and backup vocals. You'll hear it in a few weeks if you haven't already.

However, I really like this new song...old to the true internet nerds, but decent quality. Hopefully there's more like it on the new jam. (Transference...Jan 19th. Merge)

Written In Reverse...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years.

Jay Reatard + Spoon.

Jay Reatard and his new band played all of their stuff 3X slower, like on record, and it was the most impressive i've ever seen him. I've seen him a lot, but damn this was great to hear the songs slower. TOO. MANY. HOOKS. I was geeking out the whole time. Cheers jay.

Afterwards, a too easy, hassle-free stage jump, I wandered into a realm that had all sorts of quality products and hanging out...and a Mortal Kombat II machine.



played a few rounds of MKII with Kano, drank some red bull, and bailed.

This video pretty much sums up my last 2 years of filming with the "little camera that could" A Canon Powershot Elph SD1000, which, if you don't know, is not something i'd normally opt to film a bunch of cool shit on. However, the video quality is spectacular for what it is. Proper measures are being worked on slowly.

This, was not in Chicago.

I do give Milwaukee much props for hosting such a classy non cheesy New Years! Aside from someone stealing my full 22 oz. beer in the bathroom WHILE I WAS LOOKING, all was well. $4 gigantic beers, and all the balloons you could want. The Riverside Theatre was just like it's partner in crime, the Pabst! Great place to see Spoon.

Hey, Riviera, take a page from this place.

2010 marks a new start for this blog. Proper internetz shall be gotten. I have A LOT to give to you all, so your patience will be rewarded.

...and on the way down.....