Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Listen : STOLEN - Live in Beijing, China.

Stolen are a young band from Chengdu, China, in the Sichuan province. I caught their act in October 2013 while on tour with P.K.14. It blew me away, so I asked them to play me a set in their rehearsal space. I'd catch them again in Beijing filming for The World Underground series. Upon my return to film the GUIGUISUISUI / Noise Arcade tour in East Asia, I screened a rough cut of my film, and booked a 5 band bill to coincide with the night. Stolen trekked 1,000 miles to play for an audience at Yugong Yishan. This is a recording of their set. The first 3 songs are new, and unreleased. The show was July 2014 and included SUBS, Residence A, DIDERS, and Chui Wan.  Listen below :