Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tyler Jon Tyler Tour Diary....

We're ALMOST 75% OF THE WAY to our fundraiser goal!!! HUGE thanks!! We've come so far!! If just 50 people donated $20, we would hit the goal! If you can spread the word, or donate, I'd really, REALLY appreciate it.

The first stop on Tyler Jon Tyler's East Coast tour brought them to Athens, Ohio to a bar called the underground. It was a packed show for a Wednesday night, and probably the most fun I've had in a long time. The drive wasn't too bad, 4 hours. Rebecca brought the LOTR trilogy for when we get really van-crazy.

First off, Athens is beautiful! Super gorgeous. Everyone was really nice. I mean, REALLY NICE. The bartenders at the Underground fed us as much beer as we wanted. People told me stories all night. We walked through "murder alley"...I think that's what it was called. Broken glass everywhere. Tyler Jon Tyler played better than I think I've ever seen them play. Tom was especially potent on drums. Bashing. Met a ton of really nice people. TJT played a new song they've been working on called "Pacific Daylight Time".

We slept at someone from Wheels on Fire's house. It looked like a cabin in upper Wisconsin. In fact, a lot of Athens reminded me of upper Wisconsin. The people, the scenery, the diners. Outrageously nice, outgoing people, really into music.

Wheels on fire, and an opening band who's name eludes me (members of WOF) were GREAT! Everyone went wild! Tyler Jon Tyler got everyone dancing. It was a rough morning. Stopped at "Miller's Chicken" and got breakfast sandwiches. Long drive.

Tons of great video from this show. Unfortunately, WIFI spots are a bit hard to come by with tight schedules.

I'm currently sitting in a bar in Chinatown in NYC trying to nail this update out for you guys. Tommorow and the subsequent few days should be a little bit more lax.

10 hours of driving today.

Here's some photos from Athens!!!!!

Having trouble putting a lot of these images up, and just updating in general. There's only about 72 hours until we're home, so aside from maybe a few photos here and there, and fundraiser updates, I'm just going to wait until we get back. This computer can barely handle uploading a few photos. Sorry! NYC was super fun. Washington DC has been a blast. WMFU live tommorow!!! See you!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We're taking the fundraiser on the road with TYLER JON TYLER!!!

Today, we got into the NUMBER ONE FEATURED slot! We've been shifting in and out, but we're still featured! Help us stay there! HUGE thanks to the donors of today, like Brian Jarreau who threw in some dough, along with the benefit show $!

Tommorow :

East Coast, we're coming for you!!!

That's right, I'm heading out on tour with a bunch of my favorite local pop-floozies, Tyler Jon Tyler, and I'm taking the fundraiser with me! I have printed off hundreds of mini-flyers and will be decking the halls of NYC, DC, and Ohio with 'em!

I'll also (do my best) to do live(ish) updates while I'm on the road! Words and photos for sure. Will likely just film and record whole mess of things and edit it together when I get back.

Be stoked!


April 27 – ATHENS, OH @ THE UNION // with Wheels on Fire
April 28 – NYC @ SWAT (Chinatown) // Presented by FUZZ NYC
April 29 – WASHINGTON, DC @ COMET PING PONG // with Cheniers, Greenland
April 30 – ???
May 1 – NEW HAVEN, CT @ POPEYE’S GARAGE // Early Show 7pm
May 5 – CHICAGO, IL @ BEAUTY BAR // Wheels on Fire, DJ Ryan Weinstein // Early Show 7pm


Photos : Gonzo Chicago Benefit : PPPMMM/SNACKS/LECHUGUILLAS

Thanks to everyone who came out to Record Breakers. It didn't really do a whole lot for the end goal ($80 which will go in tonight on top of a donation from Brian Jarreau), but the support, the kind words, and the fact that it even happened was humbling beyond any dollar amount you could throw out there. Huge thanks to the bands and people who donated their time to help. As you can see, it was a blast. It really meant a lot to me to have my friends there, playing music with a fire under their asses, for a fundraiser that has really shown me just how great Chicago's community really is. Humbling. Brian Jarreau took all of these lovely photos. Thank you!


Huge thanks to the donors of the last few days, and the lovely write-ups and love we've received from all over.

The Onion's A.V. Club : "Videographer John Yingling started Gonzo Chicago with a simple mission: to bring fans closer to their favorite bands with in-depth pics, videos, and interviews. Since the inception of Gonzo, Yingling’s videotaped more than 500 shows, creating a virtual archive of modern Chicago rock. Whether it’s a local shlub strumming an acoustic guitar at a sandwich joint or indie superstars Handsome Furs, Gonzo wants the skinny."

I answered some questions for The Vinyl District : : "As you hopefully already know, Chicago has been blessed with one the most active and exciting independent music scenes in the world. John Yingling, the man behind Gonzo Chicago, has taken it upon himself to document our vibrant scene, filming nearly 500 performances over the last four years. Recently, John decided to kick it up a notch, taking to indie fund raising site IndieGoGo, in an effort to raise to funds to replace and upgrade broken and outdated equipment, which will help him better capture the scene he (and we) love so much..."

Lovely donors of the past few days :

Jamie Baird
Josh Reed
Andrew O'Connor (who gets a custom short film of a band of his choosing made in the summer!)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photos : Black Lips/Vivian Girls , Benefit show is TONIGHT at RECORD BREAKERS!!!!

We got in Gossip Wolf, and the amazing Keith Herzik from Chicago drew this up!

Flyer by Alejandro Morales!

Black Lips + Vivian Girls hit Logan Square Auditorium last night. I don't get the hate for Vivian Girls new record. It sounds good. It's a little more fresh than the other stuff they've put out. They sing more clearly, with a bit more purpose. It seems in some people's eyes they're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Black Lips were good. They're always consistently entertaining. It got a little crazy toward the end. Some girl got a foot...stuck in her hair....right before Bad Kids. All of these kids were trying to pull this lodged foot out, and when that song started, I thought something really terrible was going to happen with that whole situation, as everyone went crazy as they always do. I hope she's alright.

Security got on stage, and didn't leave. Black Lips should play some 21+ shows around Chicago here and there. Tween drama.

The benefit show is TONIGHT!!!!

Music starts at 8PM. CHIRP will be there from 7-9 handing out swag! Show is done by 11pm! NO PUNK ROCK TIME! Come early. Drink. Eat. Have fun!!!


HUGE thank you to the donors of the last few days, we're SO close to $2,000!

Victor Spatafora (who will have mopery DVD's tonight!)
Katie Patterson
Andrew Hertzberg
Anonymous donors!

See you tonight!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Double dose of White Mystery tonight! "New Garage Explosion" film screening! Cacaw @ Mortville!

Whoaaaa, mannnn! Today is a RAGER!

Spend your 4/20 with your favorite red-headed Chicago duo, White Mystery! They're releasing their second full-length, "BLOOD AND VENOM", so they're having a huge double-show party with some great bands opening up each show! BUY THE RECORD! We have it! It's awesome! It'll pair well with these times.

They're playing TWO shows at Pancho's (2200 N. California Ave) this evening!

The first show is all ages, starts at 6PM and amazing openers CLOSE HITS and LOOSE DUDES start your Wednesday off right.

Set 2 is 21+ and begins at 10:30 with openers RABBLE RABBLE and SLUSHY!

SCION is throwing a VICE party!

Century Centre Cinemas for the screening of Vice's New Garage Explosion: In Love with These Times. You NEED TO RSVP for free entry, but entry is not guaranteed with RSVP. Get there early to ensure a seat.

About the film :

After a brief nod to garage's humble beginnings amongst American youth in Detroit during the 1960s and its contribution and influence on '80s punk, New Garage Explosion!!: In Love With These Times focuses on the scintillating present. As it pans trans-nationally, the camera profiles artists like the late Jay Reatard, Black Lips, The Dirtbombs, Thee Oh Sees, Smith Westerns, Vivian Girls and many more in an attempt to understand not only the exponential ascent of garage rock's popularity but the reason these people feel so passionately about it. A wide-eyed glimpse into a musical movement, the film is as much about the music as it is about the people contributing to the distinct scenes of the San Francisco, Oakland, Detroit, New York, Memphis, Atlanta, and Portland garage communities.

VBS directors Joseph Patel and Aaron Brown worked with producer/journalist Mike McGonigal to offer a particularly in depth examination of a multi-dimensional and often misunderstood slice of popular culture unfolding in front of us. New Garage Explosion!!: In Love With These Times is a candid snapshot of this magically vibrant moment in rock history, inspirational and brimming with DIY purity.

4/20/11 7pm-9pm
Century Centre Cinema
2828 N. Clark St.
Century Shopping Center
Chicago, IL 60657

Last, but certainly not least, your favorite pipe-bomb, black-out inducing warehouse is seriously bringing it tonight :






Dude. Duuuuuude.

Get out your house tonight!

HUGE thank you's to the donors of the past few days :

EDIT : JUST BROKE 50% of the goal due to a ***HUGE*** donation from Andrew Nicolaou!!!!! ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mauricio Dangond!
Rebekah at Betta Promotions!
John Lombardo

We're getting Gossip Wolf'd, so pick up a Chicago Reader late this afternoon, or tommorow.

So stoked for Saturday.

I can't say it enough : None of this would have happened without YOU.

Please TAKE A LOOK! and if you're into it, share! donate!

Much love,


Monday, April 18, 2011

Watch a song from Tyler Jon Tyler + Bad Drugs' Record Store Day in-stores...

In classic Record Store Day form, I awoke at noon, and had one hour to get from Avondale to Wicker Park for :

TYLER JON TYLER "Faster than Light" at Reckless Records 1PM.

I talked tour with Tyler Jon Tyler, doing daily updates on the road...

They're embarking on a trek to NYC and back from April 27th - May 4th, so I'm tagging along. More about that later.

We ate free pizza with our beer-mosas and split off to Laurie's and Permanent for :

BAD DRUGS @ Permanent Records. 5PM.

I failed a trip to Laurie's Planet of Sound, somehow found enough energy to go back to Logan, celebrated one of my good friend Jason's birthday, and then slept for 10 hours. Record Store Day...exhausting...even when you're lazy about it...



You are all confirming why Chicago is one of the best cities in the world. We have come so far in mere days. Some really good friends decided they want to help, so I'm having a party :






Trenton Willey doing 5-10 minutes even though he bailed to L.A.



$5 suggested donation for the campaign / touring band. Check out the great sounding touring band., Yellow Thief.

7:00pm DOORS
11:00PM END!

Has to be done by 11PM as it's AA.

CHIRP should be there handing out swag!

Reggie's is having TWO SHOWS aside from ours at the same time, so let's blow the roof off the place.

I know it's short notice but i'm going on tour with Tyler Jon Tyler the week after, so it has to be this way.

I had to make the video while I was sick because I was a week behind. I'm glad you all think it's funny. It's supposed to be a little ridiculous. I did the best I could with such crappy equipment and super short time-frame.

I would like to thank you all for your support. It means the world to me. I did not expect this. We currently hit page 3 of 5 on Indiegogo's "Popular" section, out of thousands of campaigns. If it hits page 1, we get on the FRONT PAGE of Indiegogo. Not only will this help the end cause of hitting the goal, but will put Chicago's music scene / CHIRP Radio's mission directly in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

Reggie's Live has an amazing record store above it called Record Breaker's. That is where this show will be held.

We're creeping toward 50%. This might tip the scales for CHIRP Radio in a huge way.

Please take a look and consider donating...

I want to thank the donors of the past few days. We've gotten HUGE support, and I just want you to know how much I appreciate it :

One Kind Radio
Marisa Labry
ONO (Travis and Michael + Co!)
Sophie Burton (my dearest seattle transplant)
Anonymous Donors

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

John Yingling

Friday, April 15, 2011

Loud Loop Press sums up RECORD STORE DAY 2011!!!!! Fundraiser update!!!

Loud Loop Press, the brain-child of Sun-Times writer Richard Giraldi, who said some really kind words about us Wednesday, has put together an AMAZINGLY in-depth Record Store Day preview :

"One thing to keep in mind: If you’re on the hunt for the Record Store Day Exclusives, GET THERE EARLY. All of the exclusive releases are being released in limited quantities. Plus, some stores are even offering free goodies, but only to the first few who show up. Finally, we’ll be updating our guide up until Saturday morning with more information as to who will have what and maybe even add some additional locations that we’ve found will be participating as well. But enough small talk. On with the Loud Loop Press Guide to Record Store Day in Chicago:


11612 S. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60643, 773-779-0066
In-Store Performances?: Nope.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Yes! They’ve ordered quite a bit from the big RSD 2011 Exclusive Release list, but they won’t know exactly what they’ll have until Friday night.
Deals?: 20% off all used all vinyl LPs on the floor.
Free Goodies?: Yep! CD giveaways! And various goodies from labels! Hurray!


2604 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614, 773-929-6325
In-Store Performances?: Local band I Was Totally Destroying It will play a free acoustic set in the little store at 4 p.m.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: You betcha! Dave ordered all the exclusives. But who knows what will come in? So, he will be posting exactly what he does have on the Dave’s Records Blog at precisely 10 p.m. this Friday, April 15, so keep an eye on it!
Deals?: All used 7″ and 12″ singles will be 50% off. All 78′s are $1 and booklets are $1. Free cupcakes if you purchase more than $25 (until they run out)! Free Dave’s Records T-Shirt if your purchase is more than $100 (until supplies run out)!
Free Goodies?: YES! Free candy for everyone! Also, some free bonus 7″, vinyl, stickers, DVDs, download cards and more (quantities are limited).


3819 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60613, 773-529-1932
In-Store Performances?: Nope.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Nah.
Deals?: 50% off all used vinyl, 20% off all new vinyl, single disc DVDs and more!
Free Goodies?: TBD.


1120 N. Ashland Ave. Chicago, IL 60622, 773-342-5800
In-Store Performances?: Yes! How about some magic? Magic By Randy will entertaining from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Then the legendary Phil Cohran & Arkestra will perform at 4 p.m.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: They’ll have tons of the RSD 11 Exclusive Releases (but they’ll have them in very limited quantities).
Deals?: TBD – but they will be opening an hour early at 9 a.m. and stay open an hour later until 9 p.m.
Free Goodies?: Free CD to first 50 costumers! Free refreshments and Vinyl giveaways – maybe some free T-shirts as well!


2843 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60657, 773-472-3683
In-Store Performances?: Yeah buddy! Tim Larson from Tim Larson and the Owner Operators will perform at 11 a.m. Then the rest of the day will features countless DJs spinning away!
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Oh yeah. A bunch of the Records Store Day exclusive releases – check out exactly what they’ll have at the Gramaphone Records Facebook page!
Deals?: Nope.
Free Goodies?: TBD.


2010 W. Roscoe St. Chicago, IL 60618, 773-755-2619
In-Store Performances?: Nope.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Yes, they’ll have a few from the massive RSD 2011 Exclusive Release list.
Deals?: Nope.
Free Goodies?: TBD.


27 E. Illinois St. Chicago, IL 60654, 312-222-1467
In-Store Performances?: Yes sir! Jason Adasiewicz with Josh Berman will perform at 11 a.m. and then Rockin Johnny and Tail Dragger will perform at 1 p.m.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Yes, a few from the BIG LIST.
Deals?: 50% off main room 78s and secong hand big band/trad jazz/jazz vocals/gospel LPs, 20% off any box set, $.99 delmark cassettes will be $.49, all cassettes are $5 for $10, vinyl graveyard section will be 5 for $1 and red circled 45s will be 5 for $1. Whew.
Free Goodies?: Free snacks and refreshments!


1109 N. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60622, 773-772-4880
In-Store Performances?: DJs all day until 5 p.m.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: A very limited amount of RSD 11 Exclusive Releases.
Deals?: TBD.
Free Goodies?: Free food and drinks. Record and CD giveaways! Oh yeah!


4639 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60625, 773-271-3569
Laurie’s opens at 9 a.m.
In-Store Performances?: Oh, hell yeah! Here’s the schedule:
11:00am- DJ Peroxide
12:00pm- DJ Rachel Hinsdale
1:00pm- CANDY GOLDE LIVE (feat. Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick!)
1:30pm- DJ Mike Bennett (CHIRP)
2:30pm- DJ Mark Richardson (Pitchfork Media)
3:30pm- DJ Josh Rosenthal (Plaguebringer)
4:00 – 5:00pm Guest Laurie’s employee TERRI HEMMERT (XRT)!!!!!
4:15pm- DJ Rebecca Flores (Tyler Jon Tyler)
5:45pm- DJs Eric Marsh & Alex Foucre Stimes (BLVD Records)
7:00pm- DJ Owen Harris (CHIRP, Kiwi Brunch)
8:45pm- DJ Eliah Einhorn (Scotland Yard Gospel Choir)

Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?:Yes, 200 copies of an exclusive Vee Dee 7” on red vinyl that can only be found at Laurie’s. You can find the rest of Laurie’s record store day goodies on this sweet Facebook note.
Deals?: Nope.
Free Goodies?: The first 50 people get a Laurie’s LP tote filled with goodies!


1914 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL 60622, 773-278-1744
Permanent Records will open from 12 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 16, for all you hardcore record shoppers!
In-Store Performances?: Yeppers!
5:00 p.m. Bad Drugs
6:00 p.m. Silver Abuse
Stay after the music ends for Permanent’s annual Flaming Lips Zaireeka Boom Box Experiment Listening Party at 7 p.m. Bring your boombox!!
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Um, yeah. The limited, color vinyl edition Purling Hiss/Puffy Aerolas 12” that is only available at Permanent.
Deals?: Nada.
Free Goodies?: Free grab bags. Gotta love it!


4350 N. Cicero Ave. Chicago, IL 60641, 773-725-1327
In-Store Performances?: No, but it’s still possible, says the owner.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Quite a few from the official RSD catalogue. There’s a box full of stuff they’re waiting to unwrap.
Deals?: All used items are 50% off: Books, DVDs, 45s, etc.
Free Goodies?: A free album of your choice with purchase.


3126 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60657, 773-404-9588 | 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622, 773-235-3727 | 26 E. Madison St. Chicago, IL 60602, 312-795-0878
In-Store Performances?: You bet your bottom dollar! Here’s the schedule:

WICKER PARK Store (1532 N. Milwaukee)
1:00 p.m. Tyler Jon Tyler
2:00 p.m. Joan of Arc
3:00 p.m. Candy Golde (featuring Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick and Nick Tremulis)
3:30 p.m. Jeff Parker (of Tortoise)
4:00 p.m. Singleman Affair
5:00 p.m. Cairo Gang?
Rock n’ roll caricatures by Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave (12-5)

LOOP store (26 E. Madison)
2:00 p.m. Roommate
3:00 p.m. Slow Witch (Angela of Sybris)

BROADWAY Store (3126 N. Broadway)
12:00 p.m. Cult of Youth?
1:00 p.m. Raw Nerve?
2:00 p.m. Owen
?3:00 p.m. Population
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Yessir. Get your copy of White Mystery’s Blood & Venom before it officially comes out on April 20. Not enough for ya? Get your mitts on Raw Nerve’s Tall Tales on white vinyl. Ooh la la. And you can also find the No Peace/War compilation 7” by Organized Crime Records. Get down on it!!
Deals?: Nah.
Free Goodies?: Negatory.


2105 S. State St. Chicago, IL 60616, 312-949-0125
In-Store Performances?: Yes! Record Breakers got it going on! The store opens bright and early at 10 a.m. Performances kick off at 11 a.m.

Flame Shark
A Rocket to the Moon (acoustic)
Ornery Little Darlings
The Steepwater Band
Certain Stars
Harry Breitner
Magic Child

Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Yep, they’ll be offering most if not all of the Record Story Day Exclusive Releases in limited quantities.
Deals?: A 10% off storewide sale!
Free Goodies?: Oh yeah! Expect special giveaways, raffles and even free food and drinks will be provided!


3716 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago, IL 60647, 773-486-3997
Open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

In-Store Performances?: Hells Yeah!
1:00 p.m. Distractions
2:00 p.m. Bob Dey’s Tank Engine Man
3:00 p.m. Chaperone
4:00 p.m. The 1900s
5:00 p.m. Rabid Rabbit
6:00 p.m. In Tall Buildings
7:00 p.m. This is Cinema
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Too many to name. But how about Nirvana’s Hormoaning 12” or The Rolling Stone’s Brown Sugar 7”? Well, they got ‘em.
Deals?: there will be store-wide sales.
Free Goodies?: Simply too many to name. How about free Telekinesis pencils? A free Chimera Music sampler? Save your Saki receipt for tons of food, drink and show discounts like free PBR at the RSD aterparty at the Burlington! Or free admittance to Bottom Lounge’s RSD afterparty with Hollows, Suns, Light Pollution and Secret Colours. Find out more at Saki’s blog.


4812 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60640, 773-334-5311
In-Store Performances?: Nuh uh.
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: Numero Group’s exclusive RSD releases.
Deals?: 20% off on all vinyl.
Free Goodies?: Not today, friend.


7446 W. Madison St. Forest Park, IL 60130, 708-366-7588
In-Store Performances?: Affirmative! Here’s the scoop:
11:00 a.m. F. Patrick Kevil
3:00 p.m. Morris Mill & Friends
Live DJs
12:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sonorama
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Soul Clap
Exclusive Record Store Day Releases?: TBD
Deals?: 25% off all budget CDs. 25% all budget LPs. 25% all 12” singles. 25% off all cassettes!
Free Goodies?: TBD."


Us? We'll be at Tyler Jon Tyler at 1PM, Bad Drugs at 5PM, Lauries, and everywhere in between. We're stoked!

Tyler Jon Tyler are just one of the bands that are going to play for you if this fundraiser succeeds, which, by the way :

The new total as of a few minutes ago : $1,255!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to say THANK YOU.

I'd like to yell it off my rooftop. I probably will a little bit later into the night.

You guys are blowing me away with your support. A few bands like Piss Piss Piss, Moan Moan Moan, Close Hits, Rabble Rabble, and Mannequin Men, amongst others, have been very vocal about their support.

I don't even know what to say, aside from...Thank You. This party i'm planning, it's going to happen, and I've put a call out to some really, really ridiculous bands to try to get them to play. Chicago staples. Let's just say i'm really going for it. We'll see...

However, HUGE, MONSTROUS thank you's are in order :

Courtney Vandanbroek (who snagged a custom photo set at the $100 level)
John Gorman (who snagged one of the few remaining Threadless t-shirts)
pisspisspissmoanmoanmoan (collectively. thank you guys!)
Veronica Murtagh of the spectacular Cream Team
Anonymous $200 donor
Anonymous $10 donor
Mannequin Men (collectively. thank you!!!!!!)
Marisa Labry (who grabs a Mopery DVD)

Indiegogo called me on the PHONE yesterday and told me it's going well, and that I should be on their radar soon to be featured. If this happens, I need you all to kill it for me with sharing the link. This could potentially EXPLODE for CHIRP Radio, which was the point of getting so much of the scene involved.

We're firming up a possible benefit show next Saturday, April 23rd with (tentatively) SNACKS, PPPMMM, DISTRACTIONS/ABSOLUTELY NOT, and others at Record Breakers, the huge, sprawling record store above REGGIE'S LIVE,

Thank you.

- John Yingling

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Video + Photos : Lonesome Organist / Das Boton : Beauty Bar + Fundraiser update!

Last night, Beauty Bar's "Pizza Pizza Wednesday" party hosted The Lonesome Organist, and Das Boton.

Chicagoist put it best. "Jeremy Jacobsen has been performing around Chicago as the Lonesome Organist since ’96, but he’s still sort of a little-known local secret. And, as his name suggests, he’s still true to the traditional concept of the one-man band. The Lonesome Organist takes the stage solo, skillfully playing up to four instruments at once, including guitar, harmonica, accordion, toy piano, steel drum, singing saw, vibraphone, organ and whatever else he can get his hands on. His musical stylings are inherently eclectic, moving between genres such as rock, blues, vaudeville and even yodeling as he switches arrangements and instruments throughout his set. And in a time when music is largely automated, Jacobsen does it all without electronics."

Jeremy hooted, hollered, played multiple instruments at once, and the crowd LOVED IT.

Das Boton is a fairly new project for ex Heroic Doses noodler Bill Dolan, and Tortoise beat-keeper John Herndon. I was surprisingly unfamiliar, even though I was a huge Heroic Doses fan. I kept thinking "this REALLY sounds like Heroic Doses...", and with good reason! The sounds are similar, with Dolan shredding and high-kicking the audience into sheer rapturous screams of glee. The boys played some songs from the mid-90's, eveleoping the crowd in serious guitar hooks, rumbling bass, and brute-force drum pounds. John killed it! Such a phenomenal show, for free, with free pizza, at your favorite glittery mad-house....BEAUTY BAR!

Here's a video of Lonesome Organist. The light kicks on around the 2 minute mark, and then off again around the 6 minute mark. It's the music you should be listening to, anyway :


Lonesome Organist :




We're at $620!!!!

HUGE thank you to the donors in the last days! A few of those spectacular Threadless shirts have been snagged, so if you want one, grab one!

Donors :

Matthew Hoppe
Bryan Rakowski
Corinne Kaehr
Nikki Weaver
Julie Hyatt
Mario Cardon
Alana Cuellar

I'd like to thank everyone, so much for making this a reality. It means THE WORLD to me that you've chosen to spend your time here, with all that's going on in the world.

A few people had some EXTREMELY kind words to say about the fundraiser.

Chicago Garage Rock : "We all know what a great music scene we have here in Chicago. Every weekend there’s multiple quality shows to choose from at multiple quality venues. This is not just because of the musicians who entertain us, but also because of the people who tirelessly cover the scene for little or no pay (in many cases, at a cost to them.) One such person is John Yingling. John’s been documenting Chicago’s music scene for 3 years with his own shoddy equipment, and he needs your help to give these great bands the exposure they need. If you’re a supporter of Chicago’s music scene, seriously consider donating to his cause."

...and Loud Loop Press offered some amazing support as well : "If you’re a longtime reader of our little site, you know that from time to time we’re posted up some excellent footage from local blog Gonzo Chicago.

Well, in case you didn’t know, the man behind Gonzo Chicago is avid Chicago scene supporter, live show documentarian and all around nice guy John Yingling. He loves videotaping shows as much as we love writing about them.

Yingling’s been at the whole video-ing show business on his own for three years. Unfortunately, his equipment is pretty dated. And by pretty I mean really. I’m talking a Dell computer here. And yet he continues to push through and keep recording.

That’s why Yingling’s recent cause of obtaining better recording and editing equipment is such an understandable one, and one that needs to happen if you want him to keep on truckin’. Perhaps the informative short film after the jump will explain more.

Yingling’s Indiegogo Campaign was just launched this past monday and he’s already hit the $490 mark, but that’s well short of his goal of $3,500. I mean just donating anything will get you some sweet, sweet perks like a personalized thank you on a social media station, a T-shirt, personalized short film or even a signed Walkmen vinyl. Just slap your cursor here and donate. It’s that simple.

Anyway, it’s the season of giving (that’s Easter, right?), so be kind, rewind and give to Yingling."


Amazing. I really am blown away by all the kind words. Almost 2,000 people have looked at the fundraiser page. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! If each one of those people would have donated $5, we would have hit our goal, and raise THOUSANDS of dollars for CHIRP Radio!

If you enjoy what you see here, don't be passive! Hit that DONATE button!

Much love,

- John Yingling

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DAY TWO Donors...updates...and things I'm working on...

I'd really like to say thank you. We have raised over $400 in TWO DAYS, gotten countless e-mails, love letters, hugs, and reposts from all across the land.

It means the WORLD to me you're choosing to spend your time with me, and you definitely will not be disappointed with the results.

One Kind Radio put up an article. I knew that photo would come back to haunt me :


"Having covered local music from Chicago for over 20 years with One Kind Radio and know how hard it was to cover a handful of shows a month for the site…. I have yet to find a person more dedicated to covering the Chicago music scene than John Yingling. John tirelessly attends hundreds of shows and captures these events for all of us to enjoy when we can’t make it on out.

With this being said… John needs help to keep to continue to document this world-class independent music scene right here in Chicago!!

How can you help out? Make a donation… whether it be $10 or $1000.00… every dollar will help John be able to get the gear needed to capture this amazing music scene the right way.

Go HERE and show your support!!!

Such kind words! I really, really appreciate it.

Remember when PISS PISS PISS MOAN MOAN MOAN destroyed the Chicago avenue house a little while ago? Well, i'm trying to set up a benefit show with them, and a few others bands, for next weekend...either the 22nd or 23rd.

Working hard trying to nail a venue down, right now.

I will keep you all updated every step of the way.

Thank you, again.

- John Yingling

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day One was a HUGE success! Thank you all so much...

Day one is over!

We raised $345 in ONE DAY, and over 650 people looked at the page!!!

HUGE thank you to yesterday's donors :

Micha Ward (who gets a custom photo set of a band of his choice in the summer time!)
Daniel Carroll
Matt Holland
Brian S
Scott Biederwolf
Lee Klawans
Jeffrey Phillips
and Jason Shanley!!

Not a single one of these amazing THREADLESS shirts has been claimed! Let's do it!

We have a long way to go, but 100% of your donations above the goal go to CHIRP Radio, and I REALLY want to throw a party for you guys with some of your favorite bands, so let's do this!

ANY amount helps! We hit 1,000 page views today on the campaign site today! If half of those people would have donated just $5, we'd almost be 50% to our goal.

I know there's a lot going on in the world and it means a lot to me that you chose to spend your time with me.

Day Two begins!

- John Yingling

Monday, April 11, 2011

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Snag a signed Walkmen record, Mopery DVD's, and custom Photo + Video sets over the summer!

Dear Reader,

I started this site years ago, for you.

If you're reading this, I need your help. We have started an Indiegogo fundraiser for video, photo, and editing equipment. and I've got amazing things to give back in return :

A signed Walkmen record, fruit splashed from David Letterman's desk :

Threadless t-shirts.

Mopery DVD's.

A band of YOUR choosing photographed or filmed over the summer, for you, at the Hideout, Schubas, Lincoln Hall, or Reggie's Rock Club!!!!


I can't do it without your help.

Please visit my INDIEGOGO campaign.

100% of the donations above the goal go to the CHIRP - Chicago Independent Radio Project.