Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Announcing a partnership with Korea's AWEH.TV. Guiguisuisiu Tour Documentary. Beijing sneak peek of THE WORLD UNDERGROUND!

6/23 UPDATE :  70%!!!!  Nothing to sneeze at!  Thanks everyone!   Some have already asked if they can still grab a perk via Paypal.  ABSOLUTELY!   We want to throw as much dough at these scenes as we can.  Paypal : gonzochicagogo@gmail.com or e-mail hotmetaldobermans@gmail.com for other options.

This is exciting.  We've been invited back to Asia by Korea's AWEH to film a tour documentary for the Beijing maniac GUIGUISUISUI.  Now this is a partnership we can get behind!  Naturally, we booked some shows.  The World Underground EP1 will have a sneak peek in Beijing on JULY 10 at Yugong Yishan with ultra-ragers SUBS, Chui Wan, Residence A, and DIDERS.  Honored.  Poster design by Wang Xu of WHITE+.

For the tour, we will trek through Japan, South Korea, and N.E. China, for a curated look at these scenes.  Perks will be grabbed directly from the bands hands this time.   Vinyl, CD's and more from China's GENJING.  South Korea's LOOSE UNION.  Zines from Guangzhou, Beijing, and much more!!!  DO NOT SNOOZE on the record packs!  If you support us, you're supporting DIY culture in Asia, directly.

The second show will be at Little Bar in Chengdu on AUGUST 8 w/ Hiperson, Stolen, and The Maples (Chongqing).

Have a look at the fundraiser page, and if you can't donate, please consider giving it a share!   We plan on a late summer world-wide launch for the project.

BEIJING : The World Underground : Sneak Peek alert!

The World Underground是以美国为基地的John Yingling带来的全新系列作品,记载了地下音乐场景。理念是及时捕捉世界独立音乐场景的一个时刻,在线发布影片,将所有声音和内容存档作为捐赠,并在世界各地继续。这是一次连接世界群体的尝试,这是一个世界声音的档案馆,免费向大众开放。Yingling去年花费两个月的时间记录了P.K.14的中国巡演,分别在广州、成都、北京和武汉站停留。其结果就是编纂了与30多支乐队一起穿越亚洲的、多样性独立音乐。影片预计在夏天晚些时候发布,但是愚公移山非常荣幸地与SUBS、Chui Wan、A公馆和DIDERS一起,为影片举办这场先睹为快的现场表演!

晚8点 // 80元(入场包括一个来自Yingling的“trash tape”融合了现场CD和声音记录,来自中国和全球!

Thanks!  Full tour schedule is below :

July 10 Beijing - Screening w/ SUBS, Chui Wan, Residence A, Diders
July 12 Beijing with Bedstars and luvplastik
July 13 Changchun with Anqi and JFI
July 15 Sheyang
July 16 Dalian
July 18 Seoul with Les Sales, Yamataga Tweakster, GT Arpe
July 19 Jeonju with tbc
July 20 Seoul with tbc
July 22 Daegu with Colours
July 23 Busan with Genius and say sue me
July 25 Fukuoka with tbc
July 26 Oita with tbc
July 29 Kobe with tbc
July 30 Osaka with Go Tsushima
July 31 Yokohama
Aug 1 Tokyo with Android Beach Party
Aug 2 Tokyo with a shit ton of other bands
Aug 3 Tokyo with Gravegrinder
Aug 5 Osaka w/ OBITS + Tim Midyett
Aug 5 Tokyo w/ OBITS + Tim Midyett
Aug 8 Chengdu w/ Hiperson + Stolen + The Maples

- JY