Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rest in peace, Ray Ellingsen...

It has come to our attention Ray Ellingsen, a true spirit of Chicago, passed away in October.  There will be a memorial by the DIY community in the new year.  We will update you.  Hope there's some good noise shows up there, Ray.  The lighting is probably perfect.  We'll all miss you, but we're all happy we had the chance to know you.

Ray probably spent more time in weird D.I.Y spaces than I did. He was at literally every single show, taking photos, talking to people. He was over double the age of most people that hung out, but that didn't bother him. His passion for music and photography was unmatched. We were often partners in crime, dodging each other while shooting. I am unclear of the details, but there may be a memorial show planned in his memory. Rest in peace to one of the most unique characters Chicago will ever see.

Please check back for more information.  Thank You.

UPDATE : I remember Ray walking around with a little note-pad getting stories from people on what the DIY scene meant to them.

Don Pentaro said one of his last conversations with him, he said he wanted to make a photo book with quotes from the music community.

Obviously, we need to find this note-pad and do this.  If anyone is going to speak with his family, please mention this, or ask if you could look for it!!!