Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Heart Procession - The Waiter no. 3 - Vic Theater Chicago

Black Heart Procession played the Vic in Chicago yesterday, October 29th, 2010. It was Pall Jenkins, Tobias, and a violinist I didn't recognize. Songs from 1 + 2 were played. It seemed like nobody cared. I was grinning like a child molester the whole time. Coolest shit i've ever seen. The strongest i've ever seen them as well, as far as Pall's vocals go. The entire thing was just...pure Halloween.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Night 2 of a 2 night run at the Empty Bottle.

Hollows seem a lot tighter as of late. Other people think so too. CoCoComa have been playing a lot lately, and never fail to beat the shit out of you until you're riled up. The Gories setlist was supposed pretty different from the night before, when White Mystery and Gentlemen John Battles opened. Sloppy, wild fun. it's The Gories!!!

CoCoComa open this clip.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

LIGHTNING BOLT at the Logan Square Monument...

The Logan Square monument was ravaged by the Dan Deacon Emsemble (which included the fucking DOUBLE DAGGER drummer!) and LIGHTNING BOLT.

At this point, i had come from off the stage. sort of in a weird abyss. girls were in front of me, basically laying on the concrete. a line of dudes in back of me, keeping girls from getting smashed. I was pretty much curled up into a ball, keeping my legs up so that if 500 people all suddenly smashed me, my legs wouldn’t get broken. i wish youtubes encoding wouldn’t make it three times as dark as it really is, i got some really great videos from all different areas of the stage that i’m going to have to lighten up before putting more up. Enjoy

- hmd

Coo Coo for COCOCOMA

Trouble In Mind.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perfume Genius is gooood live. New jams. Unknown jams. Current jams.

Mmmm. Tuesday night. 40 or so people. Schubas is one of the best places for these types of shows. Super nice fellows. Hope they enjoyed their day off.

MEANWHILE : Enjoy the unreleased "Your Drum" , a few amazing songs unknown to me, and some current goodness.





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