Sunday, December 26, 2010

People Projects , Chicago, 12-31-2007!!!

Happy New Year 2008 from Gonzo Chicago!

My Christmas gift to the D.I.Y scene of Chicago, .

Some long, long, long overdue footage from People Projects on 12/31/2007!

I know many of you in this video now. Pass it on! Youtube made it dark. Let me know if you want some real copies.

This was a few months after I first moved here. I really appreciate all of the effort you guys go through to do this. In the past three years I have blown away by the selflessness of this community. I've seen Lightning Bolt, Times New Viking.....hundreds of shows at many, many places. Many of which aren't around now.

Thanks for doing this. Putting your asses on the line. Dealing with so much madness for people to come in for all of the money they have, get cigarettes and shit everywhere, put our drinks in your fridges, and bringing such happiness to music lovers like myself and numerous people i know.

Some of my friends will never stop talking about "that time when ______ played at ______"

The past three years haven't been 100% sunshine, but for what we can control, a flawless effort to bring craziness, fun, happiness, hugs, booze-sharing, art making, music passion, and just real, real good times to Chicago.

Thanks again,

-John Yingling

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my little apartment said...

yo- what's your email address? would love to be in touch about some rad shows that I think you'd totally dig. can you email me at dean at pitchperfectpr dot com ? thanks!