Friday, June 10, 2011

PHOTOS : Tinsel Teeth / Cacaw / Running : Crown Liquors

We love Rhode Island. They've given us greats as Chinese Stars, and the ever-spectacular TINSEL TEETH, who played smack dab in the middle of a bill with the pummeling CACAW and the excellent, noisey-as-hell RUNNING opened it up.

A three band smack to the face that was over before anyone even realized they had a shit-eating grin on their face.

Running are great. They've been around a while, are in other bands who are all equally killer. They play short, bursts of a set that can sometimes be over in the blink of an eye. Really great layered fuzzed-out vocals and guitar, Alejandro Morales on drums wailing away until they all seemingly collapse in exhaustion.

Tinsel Teeth ran around freaking the shit out of everybody, the female-frontwoman covered in fake blood, running around the bar, and eventually jumping off, while a wall of noise and screams from every member filled every inch of the place.

Cacaw have new songs, and they're really good. You should know by now these Chicago ass-kickers are the real deal. Catch them live.

edit : short, dark-ass running video :

Here's some photos of what you missed out on :

Tinsel Teeth are on tour with CACAW!

Tue, June 7th @ CSMA in Ithaca, NY
Wed, June 8th @ Now That's Class in Cleveland, OH w/ Pleasure Leftists, Night Birds
Thu, June 9th @ Crown Liquors in Chicago, IL^
Fri, Jun 10th @ E and E's Warehouse in Minneapolis, MN w/ skoal kodiac^
Sat, June 11th @ Mad Ave in Lincoln, NE ^
Sun, June 12th @ Rhinoceropolis in Denver, CO w/ hot white^
Mon, June 13th @ The Compound in Provo, UT^
Wed, June 15th @ Cillanova in Sacramento, CA w/ the burgers^
Thu, June 16th @ TBA in Oakland, CA w/ sister fucker^
Fri, June 17th @ The Cave in San Francisco, CA ^
Sat, June 18th @ The Smell in Los Angeles, CA w/ foot village^
Sun June 19th @ The Soda Bar in San Diego, CA ^
Mon, June 20th @ TBA Palm Springs, CA^
Tues, June 21 @ the Tribe in Phoenix, AZ^
Wed, June 22 @ Badlands in El Paso, TX^
Thurs, June 23 @ Rubber Gloves in Denton, TX^
Fri, June 24 @ the Conservatory in OKC, OK^
Sat, June 25 @ Emo's in Austin, TX ^
Sun, June 26 @ The Mink in Houston, TX^
Monday, June 27 @ Siberia in New Orleans, LA*
Tuesday June 28 @ The Farside Collective in Tallahassee, FL*
Wed. June 29 @ TBA in Macon, GA - MATINEE SHOW*
Wed. June 29 @ Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta GA *
Thursday, June 30 @ CFBG's in Greensboro, NC*
Friday July 1 @ The 5th Dimension in Baltimore, MD *
Saturday July 2 @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philly, PA *
Sunday July 3 @ Death By Audio in Brooklyn, NY*


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