Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch : A GET BENT! Birthday : Strychnine, The Hecks, Nones

Our friends at GET BENT! had a birthday party with some of our favorite Chicago bands.  Only fitting we should go check it out.  Strychnine opened it up right with some garage-punk reminiscent of the Sonics.  If all is right with the world, you'll probably start seeing The Hecks around a lot more.  Some seriously good Brainiac style guitar work, driving drums, and just plain refreshing songwork from a new Chicago two-piece.  They just opened for Black Dice, garnering praise from more than a few people I know that had never seen 'em.  Nones are on Hozac, and bring a sort of Jesus Lizard esque vibe to the closing of it all.  Enjoy.

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