Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UH BONES : Live at Swerp Mansion

Chicago continues to pump out killer newer bands happy to give a nod to old classics, or in some cases, tear up new alleyways.  While Uh Bones aren't re-inventing the wheel, they're certainly putting a good spin on it, and garnering themselves good enough press in the meantime..  Just recently adding The Yolks' Nathan Johnson on keys certainly should add some good layers to all of this.  Folks from Get Bent and Sex Beat have stated "Chicago, your secret is out" and "you ought to have a new favorite band."

Killer bands like Lechuguillas, Running, Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan have and will continue to blow your eardrums for months, or even years with little to no attention outside a core group of kids getting their minds blown comfortable in dark spaces.  Some of these acts lay waste to basements and houses for years, stoked to just be able to play for kids who love it and want to be there.  They break up at their most potent.  It's what our favorite moments, and this website, has tried to cautiously purvey over the years.  They want to play, for you.  Shit, you want a tape?  Take it.  Want a shirt?  How much do you have?  Uh Bones are no exception.  A welcome addition to Chicago's roster of fuzzy rock n' roll, they're great, and just warming up.  This was a show we recently hosted in 2012 at Swerp Mansion that included newly formed Massive Ego, New Diet, and Boston's PILE.  One of the many bands with a song on that killer Manic Static compilation.  Underrated, for now.  Enjoy.

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