Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese Stars just want to destroy your eardrums...

Chinese Stars have become one of my favorite live bands. They remind me of Brainiac. They always come and play the Empty Bottle, one of the best venues in Chicago. It's always wild, boozey, and a treat for everyone who gets to witness it.

Not only did they play the Empty Bottle twice in the last year, they also came and did a one-off when one of their shows got cancelled. It was in an art gallery. The cops showed up right before they went on, but they played anyway, instructing all to just use the back door if you want to go out.

This particular night I could barely hold my camera up due to multiple reasons. Eric told me a story involving an overweight girl who gave him some sort of disease. He told me they'd be back with Six Finger Satellite. I didn't really believe him because it just sounded too good to be true. But it ended up happening.

GO AND SEE THIS BAND. Their new record is on Anchor Brain. It rules. Buy it.

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