Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cold War Kids - Vic Theater - Chicago 1/30/2010

Guerilla video get! You can't film at the Vic, but obviously if you know me, you know it won't stop me. Thanks to the girl who had no idea who I was, letting me put my hand on her shoulder so the security guards line of sight only saw her head, and nothing more.

It's not just me. The last time the Cold War Kids were at the Vic, I looked up the reviews to see how it was. I couldn't go. I saw luke-warm reviews. It made me sad! "Maybe they were having an off night?" I thought...

Well, they came again, and I agree with a lot of the reviews out there. They played 5 shows in the U.S. for "Behave Yourself", and sadly, in hindsight, it was pretty underwhelming.

I never got to see them for Loyalty, so I was excited to see these songs. To me, most of them fell flat. When "Relief" started, I couldn't help but be so excited I nearly swallowed my tongue. I love that song. I think the energy it exudes is just so oddly amazing, but again, just....nothing came from it.

Props to them for offering the show for free download. Maybe I should have grabbed it to see if this "review" is warranted, but you leave a show with a certain feeling, and the Cold War Kids ALWAYS left me floored. I saw them open for Tapes n Tapes years ago in Madison at the Barrymore, had no idea who they were, and got my ass kicked all over the place.

What happened?

Where was the opening band for "St. John"? Where was the junk yard drum kits, the smiles, and well...the energy?

The connection was decent, but they just seemed a bit bored during a lot of it, despite saying that Chicago is very special to them. Maybe new material will help, but it's not like Loyalty is ten years old.

People seemed to love it, but I just didn't take a whole lot away from it.


One song that did grab me off their new EP, is Sermons Vs. the Gospel, which is below.

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