Monday, August 1, 2011

Photos : Handsome Furs : Bottom Lounge Chicago

In an interview I did with the band in January, during Tommorow Never Knows 2011, Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry told me of the "sparkly" and aggressive, digital sounds that would be incorporated into their new record.

It's exactly what we all got on Friday night, a hazy, futuristic dance-party, complete with lasers. ...Lasers, people!

Parlovr opened. Their bio says they're "sloppy", but it was definitely in a good way.

Handsome Furs played all but one song off Sound Kapital. Dan left his guitar silent for a good amount of the night and focused on the pummeling, slick chunks of new material. They played a few of these, like "Memories of the Future", live for the first time ever in front of Chicago in January. The new record's songs have only gained potency in those seven months.

Though the crowd took a little warming up, half-way through , when Repatriated kicked in, they had everyone screaming like each song was their last. The Montreal based duo proved once again that they can be fully engaging without a set filled with Dan's guitar slinging. They obviously enjoy playing these songs. They love Chicago.

"Serve the People" is a driving stunner they now call "Fuck the Police." "Agony" didn't make the record, but is still one of their best songs live. They ended the set with an encore of "Legal Tender" and "No Feelings". Dan jumped into the crowd more than once. A Handsome Furs show has some of the best chemistry you'll ever see, and this night, we were all happy to watch it unfold. Smiling and wide-eyed, like little children.

Setlist : 1. When I Get Back 2. Damage 3. All We Want, Baby, Is Everything 4. Memories of the Future 5. Bury Me Standing 6. What About Us 7. Repatriated 8. Radio Kaliningrad 9. Serve the People 10. Agony Encore : 11. Legal Tender 12. No Feelings

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