Friday, August 12, 2011

Photos : Joy Formidable - Double Door

These are dedicated to Micha Ward, Chirp Radio DJ, and all around good guy. He was generous enough to help with the fundraiser I ran a while back.

The Joy Formidable played a free show at the Double Door, on the eve of Lollapalooza. I hurried there to gain entry with only the knowledge of a few song snippets. Half expecting some nice, quiet pop songs, the band ripped through my expectation with a howl. Almost violent with their energy, the place was packed by the time they loosely started the set. A phenomenal live band, with great presence, and really nice band-members! How refreshing! The bottom two photos are from when they agreed to an off-schedule interview for us during Lollapalooza. Huge sounds fit for arenas, just not in a shitty way. They already made the hop from Schubas to Lincoln Hall. I look forward to them coming back. Little Hurricane and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. also played this show! Double Door really brought it! We were squished in like sardines by the end. Both were fun in their own right. Some of Little Hurricanes songs were amazing.

Thanks to Micha Ward for thrusting this band into our universe. Enjoy :


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