Friday, October 7, 2011

R.I.P - Lechuguillas : 13 band send-off tonight at 8PM.

Tonight, at 8pm, we release 2/3 of Lechuguillas into the Texas wild. Without them, the Mopery would not have existed, nor would a huge chunk of what has happened in the last few years. A staple of the Chicago underground scene for years, they were at the height of their power, with a new record to be released...tonight. They probably would have gotten boring or went all fucking prog-rock on us anyway. Chicago has a history of saying goodbye in style, as you may know. If you want a current status of the DIY scene here, well...the line-up is :

Lechuguillas release party for the new record Insurrection of an Erection

Lechuguillas :

Velvet Underground :


Health&Beauty :

Gun's N' Roses :

Naked Island

Plastic Boner Band
/Instinct Control : /

Battleship :

Unmanned Ship :

Judas Priest feat. Thin Lizzy feat. Black Label Society

Green Pasture Happiness :

AIDS Goat: http ://


Handsome Tyrants :

Cartright :


SPECIAL GUEST/M.C. -- Dennis Rodman of your World Champion Chicago Bulls (96-98)

8:30 - FOREVER. Saturday, October 8th. MORTVILLE.

A night for the ages. Bring a cooler.

Cartwright are playing, too! Solid. Don't miss it :

P.S. they're touring on their way, and will be running a record label in Texas. EAT MEAT RECORDS

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The Igloo Oven said...

Damn read this too late. I like the name Lechuguillas. Makes me want a crazy night of whiskey and bands and then stopping off for enchiladas in the wee hours.