Monday, October 17, 2011

Watch : Cartright live at Mortville...

A few years back, we were taking shots of whiskey at the Mopery, vibing to some dirty noise-rock, when a guy with an ultra-sweet beard came up and handed us a very home-made CD-R wrapped in yellow construction paper. "Take this, we're called Cartright...we're playing soon", he said. So we shoved it in our back pocket, gobbled down the rest of that whiskey, and as these fellows started to play, our eyes went wide and our faces went blank. It was phenomenal. It was unlike anything we had ever heard in that dark, dirty warehouse. Like a bucket of water to the face...more proof that our DIY scene wasn't just a bunch of doped up kids banging on sheets of metal. The thing is, their songs often involve driving, razor-sharp breakdowns with them all whooping and yelling their hearts out in unison, only to switch to a song like this that makes you want to hug your grandmother. It stuck with us ever since. We still jam that album often.

Texas natives Cartright came back, this time to Mortville, with eleven other acts to send off our boys in Lechuguillas. This one puts a lump in our throats. Enjoy :

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