Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watch : Honus Honus sing "Heavy Tumbling" to intro the Mister Heavenly encore...

Mister Heavenly came back to Chicago for the first time since Januarys "Tomorrow Never Knows" appearance. This time, a smaller Subterranean show, with Camera and Mr. Dream. I'd say the crowd should shut up, but everyone was so happy to be there, you couldn't help but smile. Talking to folks who were equally excited to watch each individual member of this band play, you couldn't stop the yelling if you wanted to anyway.

A three piece without Cera, Honus, Diamond$ and Plummer reinforced our love for the songs we heard live in January. They were tighter, while having a hell of a lot of fun. They're nerdy enough without him, anyway. May this band put out twenty LP's and continue on to do a warped Carnival senior-tour in 2050.

This is called "Heavy Tumbling". Enjoy.

mister heavenly

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