Friday, November 18, 2011

Watch : John Bellows - "Imaginary Friend" @ SAKI

Weekend! As previously stated, John Bellows is a goddamn treasure of Chicago. As a solo artist, he has recently again stopped jumping all over you for a little while to stop you cold in your tracks. Go see him live soon, as this incarnation may only last a few moments.

"Imaginary Friend" from his LP Clean Your Clock. It was part of an in-store with Advance Base at the wonderful store SAKI in Chicago....

points of interest tonight :
Nicole Miller / LKOP / Tyler Jon Tyler @ Enemy
Skoal Kodiak, Brent Koontz, Bad Drugs @ Mortville

points of interest tomorrow :
white mystery / magic milk / magic ian @ treasure town
ONO / mayor daley / wume / bomb banks @ happy dog

"I never play this one" :

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