Monday, January 30, 2012

Watch : Guilty Pleasures reunited!

It almost seemed refreshing that Guilty Pleasures chose the Burlington for their Chicago reunion show. They picked a dark, relatively new spot over, say, The Empty Bottle, a place where half of its members have worked and likely played or at least attended hundreds of shows.

Formed in 1997, they're often tagged as getting lost in the shuffle of a new era of garage rock. They recorded one record. It never came out, but now that's been rectified by Dusty Medical. Its members have since gone on to such notable projects such as The Ponys, Hot Machines, and Football.

Reunion shows can be a drag, but this was a solid, no-bullshit show for people who just wanted to see these guys, whether it be for the first or possibly the last time.

The excellent Timmy's Organism and Touched by Ghoul opened.

Buy the record!

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