Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watch : Mines + Snacks at Happy Dog's NYE!

Happy New Year!

Happy Dog Gallery hosted one of the many end of the world parties on New Year's Eve 2011. Chicago's own MINES and a reunited SNACKS took the stage (floor) and made us all try to forget (or forever remember) what was either best or worst year of our lives.

I entered the place flu-ridden, hoping to Baby New Year Jesus it actually started at 10 like they said. It didn't, so I sipped on a cider that Battleship gave me, slowly, wincing with each tiny gulp.

I left after the ball dropped and both bands were finished, but I'm pretty sure more than just Rotten Milk ended up dj'ing and/or playing, which may or may not have included DJ's Mac Hines and Andicaine, and/or performances by The North, and I Love You.

Looking forward to a great year.

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