Friday, March 16, 2012

Tonight : EYES AND TEETH - A Treasure Town art show.

UPDATE : Photos

Treasure Town, part of our 3-floor mecca of everything loud and beautiful, is having another art show. Those who have attended in the past know they're in for a treat. Tonight, a slew of spectacular artists will transform the spot yet again into God-knows-what. The beauty of these arts shows is that you never really know what you're in store for until you walk through those doors.

The last one housed a Double Dagger show in the basement, but upstairs you walked a hexagon filled wonderland, complete with insane circular centerpiece.

The musical stylings of Bomb Banks, Distractions, and Mayor Daley will add a little noise to the evening.

We rarely do event listings, only for special occasions, and this is that. These are always great, so we suggest you come. 9PM. Bring a donation for the bands, artists, and money to buy some cool shit. If you don't know where this is, and really can't find it, ask a mug.


Beatsandblood said...

Nice Band Name!I have been using the same name since 2005->

Gonzo Chicago said...

That was actually just the name of the art show, yo!

Beatsandblood said...

hahaha. Thanks! Great name. I was just being protective. I had a few issues last year with a band.
Keep doing your Art thang!