Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tonight : Over 14 new bands are formed. Mines + Mystreater also playing...

Chicago : Tonight at Treasure Town, we draw 60+ musicians names from a hat. Those names will form over 14 new bands. Those new bands, they have 2 months to create a set of new music, to be played for you.

Welcome to the Chicago Sonic Consortium. This is not a new concept, as Cleveland had their "Lottery League", Milwaukee has "All Messed Up", and so forth, but with the amount of talent in this city, how could we not put this together? Come hang out at Treasure Town, as Mines, Mystreater, and Magic Ian will be playing for you as well. 9PM. Bring a few bucks for these fine folks, as gas is really quite stupid expensive. Be there!

Mines :

Mystreater :

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