Thursday, June 7, 2012

Premiere : THE FUNS - "Reality"

When it comes to posting tracks, we're more apt to go see the bands live and record the whole damn thing.  If a band we really like sends us some new shit nobodies heard, you bet your ass we're going to premiere a track from it.

The Funs are a two-piece from Chicago. They jump back and forth between drumming and guitar duties, the songs taking different forms with each switch.  It's reverb heavy.  We realize this isn't a new concept, but having seen this band a good 10 times, this is sure as hell refreshing.

We were first tipped off to them by Magic Ian's ranting about how good they were.  This is a track off their upcoming, yet-to-be-titled new record, recorded by Cooper Crain.  We have the whole damn thing, and rest assured, it's all this great, so be on the look out.  You can catch them live at "Nowheresville" on Saturday with Mines, Nude Sunrise, and White Fang!  Be there.

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