Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some words following the Chicago Sonic Coalition...

Sonic Coalition

I would like to extend a giant, slobbery thank you to all that attended the first annual Chicago Sonic Coalition project.  To say that it went well is an understatement.  Windy City Rock did a great recap, even though they sadly missed two of the best bands of the night.

There is a literal ton of media coming on this one, folks.  Video, photos, sound recordings.  How it all went so smoothly is a testament to our scene's cohesive, supportive nature, and it was definitely a highlight of the five years I've spent in Chicago.

Also, "we" just won "Best Music Scene Documentarian" in the Chicago Reader's Best of 2012 awards.  Critic's pick!  Thanks, Miles!  What an amazing few days.  On top of it, we're in NYC at the moment.  We saw, shot, and filmed Future of the Left play two secret shows.  Means Jeans at Cake Shop.  A great time.  Stay tuned folks.

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