Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch : Leaf Bird - "Sadaildade"

leaf bird
Cassette output continues to grow in Chicago.  You have bigger indie labels like Drag City releasing high-quality albums like CAVE, barely-there ghosts like Trust Tapes (who's website doesn't even work anymore), and recent deep underground start-ups like Manic Static and Teen River.  It continues to grow, and there's dozens more.  Then you have Plus Tapes, ran by Dustin Drase.  A slick tape output with a great website, and a strong back catalogue that includes Old Fake, Mannequin Men, and countless others.  

This is the label Chicago locals Leaf Bird chose to release their newest cassette, "Diamonds From the Cherry Mine, Vol. 1".  It's psyche, folk, rock, and pop all mixed into a short, concise package.  The below video is from the recent tape release show with House Sounds, Bone + Bell, and My Dad, held at Reversible Eye Gallery.  "Sadaildade", the video below, combines all of these elements into an almost new-wave sounding track and veers off into some heavy psyche.  It just so happened to include some wicked projection work physically held by a man on a ladder the entire time.  Dedication!  "Diamonds" is currently only available at shows, so be sure to keep an eye out.  Seek.  Purchase.  It's worth your $5.

Leaf Bird - "Sadaildade" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

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