Saturday, July 28, 2012

Listen : Magic Ian - Live at "The Dells"

Magic Ian is a solo artist who is also a part of Close Hits and Snacks, two distinctly different style bands, each quite spectacular in their own right.  Each of these bands are still alive, just a little more dormant due to having the same drummer who's currently in school in a different town.  

This was recorded impromptu at his now defunct home and show space called "The Dells".   A particularly enjoyable set due to the warmness in the room and the late hour.  I wandered in on what I remember to be a winter night, sat down, and this was already happening.  There's some funny lines in here from the peanut gallery.  God knows how long he had been playing for.  Recently he attempted to beat his record of play something like 100 fucking songs or something ridiculous like that.  The man loves to play.  Natalie Grace Alford, "Electric Ian" (also of Snacks) joining in here and there with voice and other instrumentation.  Enjoy.  Cover photo by Mark Ciarleglio.

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