Monday, May 16, 2011

Benefit show for Justin Boyer - TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Justin Boyer has been a part of the Chicago music scene for about 9 years as frontman for Yarn and The Fair Moans, and is also Edgewater's most beloved bartender. On his way home from work he was assaulted by some asshole with a knife, and for a while was in pretty bad shape."

So Bryan Mcclaran and some friends are hosting a benefit show for him.

Benefit for Justin Boyer
Absolutely Not
Hammer No More The Fingers
The Velikovski Affair

There will be a raffle, we are taking any donations that are given, and 100% of the $$ that hasn't come from food and drink goes to help Justin.

730pm, MONDAY May 16 (that's tonight) at Reggie's Music Joint (2106 S. State)

Please go and show your support. It's a goddamn shame such shitty things happen in this city, but if we have a chance to help, we should take it!

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