Friday, May 6, 2011

New Tyler Jon Tyler : "Pacific Daylight Time" + Fundraiser Update!

Tyler Jon Tyler's East Coast tour was a huge success. They NAILED WFMU!!! So proud of them. A ton of media coming from that, but for now, here's a new jam called "Pacific Daylight Time"

Super good :

Fundraiser Update :

We're SO CLOSE to $3,000!!!

HUGE thank you to some huge donors of the last fews days :

Nathan Christ (director of the spectacular Austin music documentary "Echotone")
Danielle Elise
Emil Ceric
Seth Sil
...and Anonymous donors!


We're going to do this!

The victory show has a venue, and a date, and will be revealed after we hit the goal!!!!!

Thank you guys, so much for making this a reality!!!!

John Yingling

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