Thursday, May 26, 2011

Names Divine - Live at Mortville - Chicago - 2011

Here's the full set of the Mortville CD Release show with CMI, Ryley Walker, The Speers, CJ Boyd, Teaadora, Three Brained Robot, Charles Joseph Smith.

It's a pity we couldn't get there to see Teaadora. I thought of it as a great night. I've heard some interesting stories that made me try to piece more memories together. Didn't really work. Enjoy! :

"Scenic. Conservative. Secure. Free.

Names Divine, inspired by Blake’s use of the words, is a 10 piece National Act, from Chicago, IL and touring the USA. Names Divine, once known as “Call Me on the Allophone, Names Divine”, a conceptual hybrid, became whole and free as the singular entity “Names Divine” in early 2009 with the addition of its first second and now-retired member, Morgan Krauss. Since then, the band has instated an open door lock n’ load drawlin’ policy, multiplying itself 5, 6, and 7 times before settling on the divine numbers 1 and 0, “divided for love’s sake” and featured as such":

Kendra Calhoun (Manhattan Raid) – guitar, harmonica, vocals
Jillian Musielak (Manhattan Raid) – Drums, Birdflute
Ike Floor – Vocals, Violin, Mandolin
Nicole Miller (Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan) – Theremin
Marcus Kirby – Guitar
Justin Cheng (Panda Riot, Joywheels) – Bass
Joe Dummitt (CMI) – Bottles, Trumpet
Lukas Wolever (RRRainbow Family, Nude Sunrise, Sunshine 9, Purple Chong) – Drums
Lara Bourbon (RRRainbow Family) – Musical Saw, Percussion
Kalina Malyszko – Clarinet

Retired Members:
Jon Ziemba (Manhattan Raid, Suckling Pigs, Coughs) – Drums
Brooks Johnson (Manhattan Raid, El is a Sound of Joy) – Drums
Right Eye Rita – Bass
Morgan Krauss – Flute


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