Thursday, August 2, 2012

Watch : Coffin Ships @ Roxaboxen

Coffin Ships - "Hillary is an Animol +" from GONZO CHICAGO on Vimeo.

If you didn't notice, we're a huge sucker for pop hooks. Chicago has a great deal of newer two-pieces that you probably haven't heard of.  They're seemingly starting to creep out into their own little slice of internet (and real life) stardom.  One thing I love about most of the bands we post about here, is they could really give a shit less about the lot of that, they just want to play, make their own music, and have people appreciate it.

These bands, they've all been playing dirty basement to 20 people for months, or years. The Hecks, The Funs, and Coffin Ships. Not to be confused with the also excellent Coffin Pricks, the ol' Ships are a non-abrasive two piece who sing about dogs and fuzzy memories. They're great, and also just put a song out on the spectacular "Manic Static Compilation #1", alongside Heavy Times, Magic Ian, and The Funs. You should buy it. Try and catch these guys in a basement. Filmed at Roxaboxen, 2012.

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