Monday, August 13, 2012

Watch : Dope Body play a new song at the Dustbowl

Dope Body played "The Dustbowl" in Chicago.  It was so dark I turned on the video light for the first time in a year.   I guess this place is closing soon, too, so I've heard.  A shame.  Some really great shows in this place have gone down.  I don't know what's happening, but I'm convinced some good spots will fill the void left by Mortville, Ball Hall, and any others that inevitably come and go.  We're a resourceful bunch, and always have been.  A sweaty show that included Heavy Times, Nude Sunrise, and The Funs.

Heavy Times played a bunch of stuff they don't normally play.  It was a short set.  A little tense, but what's new?  How long until Heavy Times get inducted into the RNR Hall of Fame?  Jacker and crew are always fun.  Looking forward to that new 7".  The Funs actually ended closing this one up instead of playing second.  We put our stuff down and crowdsurfed....three times?  Shit got pretty gnarly for a weekday.  Those two are getting better and better.  A well oiled machine of fuzz.  So, enjoy this new song by Dope Body!  The video's dirty and hazy, just like our memories from this night.  Order Natural History while you're at it!
heavy times
dope body
the funs

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