Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mister Heavenly Live @ Tommorow Never Knows - Lincoln Hall Chicago 1/14/2011

Mister Heavenly, the newly formed band of Honus Honus, Joe Plummer, Nick Thorburn, and Michael Cera, took part in Tommorow Never Knows at Lincoln Hall alongside Title Tracks, Screaming Females, and The Dig.

The Dig kicked it off and got momentum going, Titles Tracks got people moving with a solid set, and Screaming Females bashed everyone into compliance with a fierce, ragged cut of songs that, live, made me feel like a giddy 15 year old watching Blue Meanies.

Mister Heavenly played around an hour, digging up songs nobody has ever heard, playing a few covers, including "Bad Man" by the Oblivians. For it being one of their first shows, it was really tight. A lot of these songs are really strong. The sound was great. The energy was there. They had fun, and it showed. A strong set for a young band of seasoned artists, with Michael Cera tipping up on one leg in his red hat. slapping a pick-less bass. They joked about cheese, told a few beginning to stories about snipers, got shit thrown at them. It delivered in spades.

A great night in Chicago. An even better night to be inside the beautiful Lincoln Hall.


More to come.

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