Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wu-Tang Clan, Mortville, Saki, and more tonight..

Easy Prey sound awesome. crunchy, yet poppy and delicious.

strong line-up tonight, what will you do?!


ALBION HOUSE: Hatred Surge, the Impalers, Weekend Nachos, Hate
FITZGERALD'S: Otis Clay, Boukou Groove
HIDEOUT: Violent Arp Band, Ga'an
MORTVILLE: Disrobe, Easy Prey, Andy Ortmann, The Krunchies
PANCHO'S: Soft Targets, Via Verso, the Heavy Bombers
SAKI: Housesounds, T'Bone, Seafarer
STRANGELIGHT: Snowing, 1994!, Noumenon, Dastard, Sweet Talk

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Midge O'Boyle said...

Hey there, just noticed this. Otis Clay is playing THIS Saturday (January 28) at FitzGerald's, not January 8th. Thanks for posting -- maybe you can re-post for this weekend?

Thanks much!

-FitzGerald's Nightclub