Friday, February 25, 2011

Mortville, Beauty Bar, Permanent Records host free shows this weekend...other line-up daunting and ridiculous...

...anyone get video of that Dirty Beaches Reckless in-store?

This weekend hosts some of the finest venues, bands, spaces, and concepts.

Not only is Mortville (and Treasure Town) having an art show in late March, they're insistent on bringing you an amazing time, and in beautiful, terrifying form on top.

Tonight they host Cave, Ga'an, Private Estate, and Bad Drugs open the whole goddamn thing!

Fergus and Geronimo for free at Beauty Bar Saturday at 7pm!

Permanent Records host The Beets Sunday afternoon!

Take your pic of two Empty Bottle shows...Smith Westerns or Rabble Rabble, Velcro Lewis...

The Arrivals play Lucky Gator...

Shit, you could even go see Dropkick Murphy's TWICE if you want too...


acid marshmallow is playing tonight as Sunglasses at GlOwSt1cks, and continues to give you great footage of stuff you've probably never heard, or seen.

he also updates his show listings of DIY amazingness often, which I copy and paste for your pleasure. :


EMPTY BOTTLE: Rabble Rabble, Velcro Lewis, Black Bear Combo, Ultimate Bicycle Quiz, DJ Scrabblor
ENEMY: Reptile Worship, Hate Basement/PTM, Foisy/Jendon, Winters in Osaka II
GLOWSTICKS: Sunglasses, Sky Limousine, Nexus 2.25.11, Pretend Boys
HIDEOUT: Anatomy of Habit, Running, Bottomless Pit
LUCKY GATOR LOFT: The Arrivals, Canadian Rifle, Vacation Bible School, Lipreader
MORTVILLE: Cave, Ga'an, Private Estate, Bad Drugs
Geoff Farina (ex-Karate)Elastic Arts at Elastic Arts...


(free) BEAUTY BAR: Fergus & Geronimo, DJ Ryan Weinstein
CROWN LIQUORS: Heavy Times, Prisoners, Bad Party, Red Dark
EMPTY BOTTLE: Smith Westerns, Fergus & Geronimo, Unknown Mortal Orchestra


EMPTY BOTTLE: Truman Peyote, Birthdays, I Love You, Nude Sunrise
HIDEOUT: The Beets, Campfires, Distractions

So...get to it!

Update :

Cave :

Bad Drugs :

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