Wednesday, February 23, 2011

PIZZA PIZZA Wednesday's @ Beauty Bar Chicago w/ THE RUNNIES!!!

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but aside from dj duty, at least every other Wednesday of each month Beauty Bar in Chicago has bands play. For free. You know Beauty Bar, it's ran by your favorite dudes at Empty Bottle, and over the last year or so, has hosted such acts as Tyler Jon Tyler, Magic Milk, White Mystery, and THE motherfucking JAMES CHANCE!

Usually just one act per night, sometimes two, sometimes they have hosted drinks and beer! It started sort of every other Wednesday, but now...EVERY WEDNESDAY, they have FREE pizza from your favorite neighborhood spots, either Paul and Monica's, or Pie-Eyed Pizzeria!

Oh, and, entry is FREE!

I don't know what more you could ask for, really. There are some photos a ways below of how good of a time Tyler Jon Tyler, Magic Milk, and James Chance were.

So do yourself a favor. Stay hungry for a little while. Saunter on over to Chicago Avenue, pay nothing, get free music and pizza.

It'd be silly not to...

EDIT : ...and if you didn' were indeed...silly. To the few music-craving (or pizza craving) souls who showed up, the pizza, and the seating, was plentiful. Matt Holland and co. were behind the bar. Pretty sure I saw Maria Jenkins. The Runnies played solid, fast, catchy, screamy nuggets of pizza drenched gold! Should be a shoe-in for a Grammy next year. You can see the setlist, in my mouth, below. PIZZA PIZZA! :

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