Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dismemberment Plan hit Chicago : 5 minutes of Night 1 + 2, photos...

Night 1 setlist.

I never thought it'd happen again, after those Washington shows. The Dismemberment Plan came back... dedicated their set to Wisconsin, and layed waste to the Metro for the first of two shows. This camera had 7 beers spilled all over it at a Magic Milk and Close Hits show a few weeks back. It's been smashed on the ground face first probably 10 times. It's on it's last leg.

Metro's lights did not help this bashed lens. Every song eventually turned into a white out....or a red out... Still sounds nice though. It didn't matter. Once the lights flooded the cloudy, dead lens....In almost every song, I eventually just gave up to the spectacular shit going on in front of me and jumped around.

They played the usuals. Ice of Boston, with everyone in both shows rushing the stage, giggling, screaming, taking pictures. People got a little too rowdy on night two, telling Travis they "love him" and asking him questions, when they only had 6 minutes left to play (10 o' clock curfew). The second show ended with "Ok, Jokes Over"...except, this was not a joke. Far from it. It was a great return. "get's rich", "girl o' clock", "gyroscope" being some of the heaviest, spastic, crowd-control losing moments. There were powerful moments throughout. "You Are Invited" still chills me to this day, hearing everyone in the entire fucking place singing that goddamn song for the first time in ten's magical. "Timebomb" is still as powerful as ever.

My neck hurts. I can't turn my head. I don't think they're supposed to turn that way. Too much herk-jerkery. Do yourself a favor and catch this if it's coming to your town.

Thanks, Dismemberment Plan. I think we all needed that.

Travis told me a story afterwards about the first tour. He had Bronchitis, tore the lining in his lungs, drank robitussen, jumped on a ladder in a warehouse, and bruised both of his heel-bones. He played every show of the tour, in which they had 3 1/2 weeks to go.

UPDATE : So here's a mash-up of each night. 5 minutes a piece. a blistering show, light white out, battered camera especial, and a "Girl O' Clock" in which I dance around for half the song.

I still can't really move my neck...ha!

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound :

Update : a few photos from night 2. Similar set-lists....ended more rockin, but the first half took a while to kick in. Still...the best....zzzz

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