Sunday, February 27, 2011

Fergus and Geronimo - Live at Beauty Bar. Full set + Smith Westerns photos...

Fergus and Geronimo stopped by Beauty Bar on Chicago Avenue to play a strong, short and sweet set before heading to the Empty Bottle to open for the Smith Westerns. It was a fast, poppy, hook-laden 30 minutes. They commented on the good vibes of the small crowd that was lucky enough to catch it in such a beautiful space. Beauty Bar continues it's trend of having one band per night. Normally ending before midnight each time, it allows you to at least try to have a short night out, that is, if you want to. Super nice guys! Austin tried to get me on their Empty Bottle list, but it was full. Got in anyway...

But this was Saturday night, and they had to head over and play first in a three band bill including Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and Smith Westerns, I was oddly unfamiliar with. It takes a bit to get me excited if i'm not familiar with your material, but they won me over. A tight, seemingly short set with no encore. The band seemed happy to be in Chicago, at the Empty Bottle, where they played "6 or 7 times" in the beginning. People around me loved it.

Fergus and Geronimo - Full set - Beauty Bar Chicago : 02/26/11 :

Photos :

Fergus and Geronimo :

Smith Westerns @ Empty Bottle :

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