Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tyler Jon Tyler Tour Diary....

We're ALMOST 75% OF THE WAY to our fundraiser goal!!! HUGE thanks!! We've come so far!! If just 50 people donated $20, we would hit the goal! If you can spread the word, or donate, I'd really, REALLY appreciate it.

The first stop on Tyler Jon Tyler's East Coast tour brought them to Athens, Ohio to a bar called the underground. It was a packed show for a Wednesday night, and probably the most fun I've had in a long time. The drive wasn't too bad, 4 hours. Rebecca brought the LOTR trilogy for when we get really van-crazy.

First off, Athens is beautiful! Super gorgeous. Everyone was really nice. I mean, REALLY NICE. The bartenders at the Underground fed us as much beer as we wanted. People told me stories all night. We walked through "murder alley"...I think that's what it was called. Broken glass everywhere. Tyler Jon Tyler played better than I think I've ever seen them play. Tom was especially potent on drums. Bashing. Met a ton of really nice people. TJT played a new song they've been working on called "Pacific Daylight Time".

We slept at someone from Wheels on Fire's house. It looked like a cabin in upper Wisconsin. In fact, a lot of Athens reminded me of upper Wisconsin. The people, the scenery, the diners. Outrageously nice, outgoing people, really into music.

Wheels on fire, and an opening band who's name eludes me (members of WOF) were GREAT! Everyone went wild! Tyler Jon Tyler got everyone dancing. It was a rough morning. Stopped at "Miller's Chicken" and got breakfast sandwiches. Long drive.

Tons of great video from this show. Unfortunately, WIFI spots are a bit hard to come by with tight schedules.

I'm currently sitting in a bar in Chinatown in NYC trying to nail this update out for you guys. Tommorow and the subsequent few days should be a little bit more lax.

10 hours of driving today.

Here's some photos from Athens!!!!!

Having trouble putting a lot of these images up, and just updating in general. There's only about 72 hours until we're home, so aside from maybe a few photos here and there, and fundraiser updates, I'm just going to wait until we get back. This computer can barely handle uploading a few photos. Sorry! NYC was super fun. Washington DC has been a blast. WMFU live tommorow!!! See you!

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The Igloo Oven said...

Man, I get nostalgic for Big Boy. Their pasgetti with meatball is pretty darn good.