Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Mopery Show documentary to screen at Backyard Film Fest! Use code 'GONZO' for discounted tickets!

On Saturday, October 1st, the Backyard Film Festival will celebrate its fourth year.

Victor Spatafora's The Last Mopery Show has been chosen to be a part of it!

Started in 2008, this small, literally backyard film festival has grown in size, taken on musical performances, and changed venues.

From the website : A number of changes were implemented this year, including the addition of a film panel. The film set, scheduled from 2 to 6 p.m. at the WPAC, will feature short films from both local and international artists. Patrons will also have access to premium libations and several of Chicago’s hottest food trucks throughout the day.

The Festival will also feature the premiere of Chicago band Judson Claiborne performing original material to a 1942 silent documentary. The film features two explorers traveling from Fairbanks to Seattle by motorcycle, at a time when no roads existed in the area.

Entertainment will resume at the Viaduct Theater for a 9 pm showcase of artists, including San Francisco singer-songwriter Bhi Bhiman, New York (by way of Pittsburgh) Wise Blood, who recently declared their intentions to take over pop music, and Chicago hip-hop group BBU.

So, how much is this thing, and how do you attend? Well....good news! We've partnered with the BYFY to offer discounted tickets to the complete festival! Enter the promo code GONZO for $5 off a full ticket price! So instead of buying seperately and paying $25, you're only paying $15!

Come support your local (and international) short filmmakers. Buy tickets!

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